Friday, June 6, 2008

Seeking Release from Guardianship

Keith Skorup received a tramatic brain injury when he fell off a lift while working at Lowes in 1999. Skorup has been in various places for long term care, most recently at White Oaks Nursing Home in Mt.Vernon. Skorup says he has recovered enough to be on his own, but his wife Rebecca has legal guardianship and refuses to let him leave the facility.

Two doctors testified about Skorup's recovery. They both say he is well enough to care for himself. Rebecca Skorup testified about his past problems with physical and emotional issues.

The judge will decide the case at a later date.

Source and Video: WSIL TV - Court Watch

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Attorney Andrew J. Kleczek was charged in a three-count complaint with misconduct related to his representation of Keith and Rebecca Skorup in workers' compensation and product liability matters. The Review Board affirmed the Hearing Board's findings of fact and findings of misconduct. Recommendation was that Respondent be suspended from the practice of law for a period of sixty days.


Anonymous said...

Just when you think you have seen the worse, another one comes along. There is plenty of company in this pit of misery called probate court!

But who wants company, I want REVENGE! HOW ABOUT YOU!

I agree that it is worth the time to follow the link to the total sordid story!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the wealthy Mrs. doesn't want to give up control of her husband's settlement money or her freedom and have her husband home, where he belongs.

No wonder lawyers aren't worried about unethical conduct and taking risks or worse, and if they get caught the conclusion is only misconduct and a 60 day vacation. Oh, gee, nothing like having lawyers judge their lawyer pals - how sweet! What a sweet system!

Anonymous said...

Tramatic brain injury victims are prime targets for guardianship/conservatorship abuse.


Michael Rowe was in a facility "specializing" in TBI -- and guess what? Pretty much all of the patients were guardianships victims!

Anonymous said...

When the court decides on this case, it will likely remove the wife and put a third party guardian in place instead.

The professionals smell the money -- and can easily get the wife out of the way.

This poor man doesn't have a chance.

Anonymous said...

not that any of you have a soul but if you care this man beat his wife and kids for years. his TBI was a cover up for getting free drugs from any hospital. The Mrs. mother of 4, only trying to put food on the table lived in fear for 22 years because he refused to sign the divorce paper drawn up 1 years before the "accident" good timing right. the Mrs. let go of guardianship as soon as she could. now his new guard is suing him so is his lawyers.

Anonymous said...

According to court documents His wife was having an affair, including intimate relations, with his lawyer. Read the court documents before coming to a conclusion. It’s public record.That you put the word *accident* in quotations exposes your bias, as medical professionals would have diagnosed the TBI, and the cause of injury is a matter of record.