Monday, July 14, 2008

Shake-Up in Probate

"Ousted chief judge Kathryn George will no longer hear any cases on wills and estates."

The chief judge of Macomb Probate Court signed an administrative order removing Judge Kathryn George from all cases involving wills and estates.

Kenneth Sanborn was called out of retirement by the state Supreme Court to replace George as chief judge. Sanborn said: "Hopefully this will clear up some of the issues in the court."

Sanborn said he is reviewing 82 questionable cases, most of which involve Shelby Township-based ADDMS Guardianship Services. A recent audit by the Whall Group, an Auburn Hills fraud investigation firm, found "flagrant violations" by ADDMS. The audit highlighted several cases in which the agency mishandled the estates of people it was charged to care for.

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Shake-up in Macomb Probate Court

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1 comment:

sue said...

Mishandled? Oh, come on, now. Theft is theft. Fraud is fraud. Call it what it is.

These criminal activities revealed in the audits must be turned over to the proper authorities for a full investigation and prosecution of those in positions of trust, who failed miserably in their fiduciary duties.

I hope they keep digging and auditing going back in time, because there are more cases that will reveal just how out of control the need for greed in the probate court system, the guardianship racket is.

The total amount nationwide is staggering. Could this goldmine available through the probate process be included in our GNP - GROSS NATIONAL PRODUCT?