Friday, August 22, 2008

Elder Abuse by Guardians

Esta Varon was placed in a mental institution and injected with drugs because her court appointed guardian, Sam Rausman, was going on vacation. She says she has been forced into an abusive situation and is now in a facility against her will by the court's appointment of a guardian who is spending all her money. Maydelle Trambarulo was separated from her family in NJ and taken to Connecticut and put into a nursing facility for three years. Her conservator was Mark Dellavalle, a total stranger.

What makes this story so unbelievable is that it is all perfectly legal. Sanctioned by the courts and approved by judges. Nassau Supreme Court appointed Sam Rausman guardian of Esta Varon. She claims that he locked her out of her apartment, cancelled her credit cards and put her in a nursing home against her will. He is also trying to sell her car and her condo. Esta says Rausman's control over her money has widdled her life savings from $235,000 down to a little over $43,000. Esta is not the only one who considers herself a victim of Sam Rausman.

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Anonymous said...

Esta Varon calls it like it is. It's all about money - hers!

This lady is great! Thank you, Esta, for your enthusiasm in the face of adversity and your determination to never give up - even when the going gets rough.

Anonymous said...

Thannk you, Fox and NASGA, for breaking open these cases and breaking out these prisoners of the guardian ghouls!

Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic report and very well done. No one can look into the eyes of Esta Varon and not be outraged about what they have done to her.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, Sam Rausman's Mother should be ashamed of what he has done to this innocent woman!

Anonymous said...

These evil people with criminal minds and dollar signs as their moral compass, do not know the meaning of the word: shame.

They see what they want to see: $$$ and they will do and say whatever it takes to get as much $$$ as they can.

Esta Varon is a fortunate and very brave lady, who survived Sam Rausman's abususes. He and other like him deserve life in a jail cell.