Saturday, September 27, 2008

DHS Worker Arrested

Tulsa County prosecutors have alleged that a state Department of Human Services employee stole thousands of dollars from a vulnerable adult.

Debra Maxine Roberts, a DHS Adult Protective Services specialist, is accused of abusing, exploiting or neglecting a 74-year-old mentally disabled man.

According to a DHS special agent's affidavit, Roberts received a court order assigning her as a temporary guardian. During that time, she had the authority to use the Ward's money to pay for residential care and daily expenses.

But bank records show that Roberts made five cash withdrawals from the Ward's accounts after her guardianship ended.

Tulsa DHS worker arrested


Anonymous said...

The DHS is an agency most people would go to for help. It's like walking right into the lion's den and facing the whole pride.

There should be stiffer penalties when persons who are in a position of the public trust, abuse it or just plain use it to abuse people, as this DHS worker did.

Let's hope she gets the book thrown at her.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, Betty. Debra Maxine Roberts, a DHS Adult Protective Services specialist....specialist?

No mercy!!

This crook deserves to be fired. Is this predator still on the job?

Roberts earned the harshest punishment, a long prison sentence and full restitution and loss of all benefits and pension.

Let's see how the prisoners treat a cell mate who is a coward, who robbed an elderly man behind his back, a victim with disabilities who could not defend himself.

My opinion is Roberts did this before, but she didn't get caught.

Anonymous said...

74 and disabled?

She must have been delighted with how vulnerable he was -- so much easier for her.

Good point, Sylvia. Ironically, "justice" is often found in prison.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that your innocent til proven guilty. We are only hearing what the media wants us to hear. What is Debra's side. As for her being accused before she is not the one whom stole anything she handed money to her clients guardian for them to use in their descrecion. I hardly call that stealing. If she is guilty this time than she will have to pay the time for the crime. Dont think I a siding w/her but we also have to give her the benefit of the doubt. If she is guilty she should do the time.

Anonymous said...

Bank records and dates of transactions do not lie:

"But bank records show that Roberts made five cash withdrawals from the Ward's accounts after her guardianship ended."

Investigators followed the timeline of events and the money trail of CASH withdrawals, which lead to the criminal charges of theft.

The media is doing it's job responsibly reporting the facts of the case.

My best guess is this defendant is guilty; she will eventually plead guilty in order to avoid being found guilty via a jury trial and a harsh sentence. In the end, she will get a plea deal from the prosecutors and her defense lawyer will advise her to take the deal or risk going to jail or prison.

Only time will tell the outcome of this case.

KOLBY KING said...

I have the same thing basically happening ut the DHS worker Dustin Sorrells from Marlow oklahoma released 140 pages of investigations includeing who reprorted the perp to the perp. I know this same superviser has changed files at the DA's office. The perp has stolen about $140,000 from my grandads care account, She even paid 3 attornyS John Cambell,kENT SULIVAN, DEBRA MOON money to sign POA over to hwe after she knew he was not in sound mind due to deminria and parkingsons We hve Doctors Letters dated before POA was changed. Everyone is just turning the other way because its ot there parent of grandparent Now the perp has givein my MENTALLy challange AUNT 25 more days to get out of her house her dad bought her 18 years ago because s couldnt work and take care of the taxes and stuff due to her handicap PLEASE SOMEONE HELP MY GRANDAD AND MY AUNT BEFORE EVIL WINS AGAIN DUE TO CORRUPT OFFICALS

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