Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Judicial Investigation

A Supreme Court justice is calling for a Judicial Tenure Commission investigation into a Macomb probate judge who has come under criticism for her appointments to a conservator agency and her alleged inability to handle cases.

Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Weaver also is demanding that Macomb County's Chief Probate Judge Kenneth Sanborn step down because she claims he did not disclose to the state high court and the State Court Administrator's Office the alleged "unsatisfactory performance" of Probate Judge Kathryn George.

George was removed as chief judge after an audit revealed wrongdoing by ADDMS Guardianship Services, an agency to which she appointed an inordinate number of cases during the past two years.

Weaver: "The citizens of Macomb County must be informed and the Judicial Tenure Commission must investigate Judge George's performance."

Justice targets 2 probate judges

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all of the work you do on this blog. This good news item restores my faith that there are good, ethical and dedicated people in our society and in positions of power, to do something about wrongdoings and the abuses. Please keep us updated, we appreciate all that you do to educate and keep us up to speed. Justice is Sweet!

Anonymous said...

Standing ovation and applause to Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Weaver for standing up and taking appropriate action while the investigation moves forward.

It appears the cozy, unethical relationship between Probate Judge Kathryn George, ADDMS Guardianship Services and Chief Probate Judge Kenneth Sanborn has come to an end.

Please keep us informed on future developments. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Sue's right, this article is very encouraging and gives us hope that justice still exists and could prevail for the thousands of people who suffer under the tyranny of guardianship.

Thank you for posting it!

Anonymous said...

Calling for the investigation is a wonderful thing.

Getting appropriate action is likely another. But, we can hope!

Anonymous said...

- What number of cases constitutes 'inordinate number of cases'?
- What was the total number of cases heard in this 2 year time frame?
= What is the process in assigning cses to a particular guardianship service? Is it based on a rotation? If so, who determines the rotation?