Monday, October 20, 2008

Attorney Gets 15 Years

A state district judge sentenced a disbarred lawyer to 15 years in prison for what prosecutors described as a two-decade practice of stealing from the estates of elderly clients after they died.

According to lawsuits and arrest affidavits, Terry Erwin Stork systematically mismanaged or stole from three estates worth more than $800,000 over two decades. The records said Stork lived in the home of a deceased client from 1987 to 2002 and deposited money from the sale of the home into his own bank account.

In another case, he was accused of letting the home of a client sit empty, driving the woman's Buick LeSabre to disrepair and using her money to add to his rare china collection. He was also accused of failing to pass along inheritances to people and organizations that were supposed to get them.

Stork pleaded guilty.

Full Article and Source:
Disbarred lawyer sentenced to 15 years

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh my what a surprise, they finally caught the slime. This is quite a dirty laundry list of stuff that he did that the state could prove in court. What about the dirty deeds he did that were not discovered or prosecuted? I hope he has a big nasty mean cell mate who finds out what this greedy lawyer did to dead people and to their families.

Anonymous said...

Only 15 yeers? Not enough time!
He should die in the can so that some other lawyer won't try to steal from him!

Anonymous said...

I agree. This perp deserves more time in a cage. Stork is 70 years old so the odds are that he will die as an inmate and that is some justice.

"Stork's attorney, Joe James Sawyer, asked Perkins for a lenient sentence, saying that his client has sleep apnea and cardiac and back problems."

Now, get your boxes of Kleenex, the words from the perps defense attorney looking for leniency and mercy from the court for his greedy lawyer client really gets me steaming.

More than 20 years of looting the estates of dead people and now the court should be concerned about the crook's welfare and his health problems?

I say is this guy totally nuts or what?

Who cares? Let the felon sleep on the cold floor of his cage and throw him a used dog bone once a week to see if he is breathing.

Anonymous said...

"Rest in peace" sure doesn't mean anything to this guy.

15 years and disbarment is a good start and better than nothing, but he should also be made to make full resitution - plus a penalty to each and every family.

And, no tv in jail.