Saturday, October 25, 2008

System Seriously Flawed

The state's system of investigating abuse and neglect of vulnerable adults is seriously flawed, from sloppily done investigations -- or none at all -- to finding that mistreatment occurred in only 10 percent or fewer of cases, says a new report by a federally mandated watchdog group.

The report, by Disability Rights Washington, described serious problems with all three of the state investigatory units that respond to abuse and neglect, including the state's failure to punish facilities that don't report abuse and cases where victims were left in the care of suspects until a complaint was resolved.

The report cites many examples of the system's failure to protect adults with disabilities including:

* A state official investigating a report of suspicious injuries to a 93-year-old nursing home resident did not review photos or talk to witnesses before clearing the facility. When the woman died unexpectedly a few weeks later, her death was not investigated.

* A report was made to Adult Protective Services that a developmentally disabled adult was living in filthy conditions and had unrestricted access to medications despite being suicidal. The investigator did not review photos or talk to witnesses before dismissing the matter.

DSHS oversees two of the units that investigate complaints of abuse and neglect: Adult Protective Services responds when the suspect is a private citizen; and Residential Care Services investigates allegations against employees of nursing homes, adult family homes or other facilities licensed by the state. The Health Professions Quality Assurance office, part of the Health Department, investigates complaints of misconduct against 23 categories of licensed professionals.

The report found that all three investigatory units have been hampered by a lack of staff and not enough training.

Since so few complaints are substantiated, victims are left at risk of abuse and neglect.

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System failing abuse victims


Anonymous said...

The system for protecting vulnerable adults is indeed flawed. There are too many cases and not enough case workers - and not enough funding to do an adequate job.

It's no wonder case workers take the easy way out all too many times - and harm instead of help.

Anonymous said...

How many agencies are in place to respond when a prisoner hollers accusations of abuse and neglect?

Clearly the state does not care nor do they believe the elderly are worth their time, effort and money to begin to fix this mess.

This story can be reapeated for all 50 states.

Anonymous said...

All this talk about abuse and neglect doesn't include abuse and neglect inflicted by the court, via guardianship!

Imagine how the figures would change if they were looking at the whole picture!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it disturbing and dangerous that the abuse and financial exploitation of the elderly and the vulnerable under the noses of the probate courts is acceptable?

People, many reporters and the media just don't get it, that guardians for profit are fraudulently billing, they are using their wards, their victims as a product for profit for their benefit.

Many who hear the complaints and the horror stories of guardianship abuse do not believe just how serious this nationwide guardianship crisis, epidemic is or that what we say is based on truth and facts.

Their reason for denial must be that if the court doesn't see any problems, then there aren't any problems.


And, my advice to the younger generations who do not care about the elderly or they are too closed minded and just don't get it....will this wake you up: Get ready to say bye bye to your inheritances. Oh, now do we have your attention?

And, remember, they have their eyes on YOU!

Anonymous said...

Congress and the White House hold hearings and meetings on the subject and wind up doing nothing. Even when they do something, they can't fund it.

The only thing that will move them is PEOPLE POWER!

Make your feelings known. Use the power of the Internet!