Friday, October 10, 2008

Isolated in Florida

My sister, Audrey Miller, lived in Minneapolis, MN. She and her husband had a condo in Vero Beach, Florida. After her husband retired, they spent the winters in Vero Beach and the summers in Minneapolis. After her husband's death in Florida, Audrey returned to Minneapolis saying she never wanted to step foot in Florida again. Audrey was trustee of a large estate left by her husband. She also had money in her own name.

Her daughter, Merrily, noticed that Audrey was beginning to have memory loss and decided to seek a guardianship over Audrey so that she could have control of the estate. Audrey discovered Merrily's plan and under advice of her attorney, moved to Texas to be with me. She removed her Florida residency and became a Texas resident. Her daughter told her that the Florida condo sold and that she needed to return to Florida to sign papers. Upon returning to Florida, instead of a real estate office, she found herself in Probate court. Her son, Michael of Chicago, intervened creating a need for a trial.

Judge Hawley, who presided over the probate court, let everyone know that he did not believe in family members being guardians. He also refused to hear a motion for jurisdiction and called for mediation. At the mediation, four lawyers made a deal with each other to turn her over to one of the lawyers as guardian. They also told the judge that Audrey agreed to be a Florida resident. Audrey was never allowed to be at any of the court hearings. When hearing what was said, she replied, "that is a damn lie."

We have been trying to get her out of this negative guardianship for two and one half years with no success.

She has been heavily drugged to the detriment of her health and kept isolated in Florida for long periods of time. We know they are stealing money, but are not able to audit the guardian.
We will not stop trying to free her.


Elaine said...

How very sad for Audrey that her own daughter saw her as an opportunity rather than her Mother.

This is more common that we'd all like to think and it's heartbreaking every time.

Anonymous said...

Judge Hawley will change his mind about believing that family members shouldn't be guardians should he become unable to speak and take care of himself!

Of course family members should be guardians! Family members are the closest extensions of ourselves we have. They know what we want, need, and like. Strangers are strangers and we are nothing but money to them.

Family guardians are family and do truly care about the "best interests of the ward".

Judge Hawley demonstrates closed thinking and a lack of empathy for helpless or disabled people. He should find some other profession.

helensniece said...


THIS IS CRIMINAL......KIDNAPPING approved by the court.

This is another example of the lies, the strategy, the dirty tricks how the guardianship racket works against the victim, the ward while working like a well-oiled money machine, a combine to churn out the assets and cash for the loop of crooks in the probate racket to profit.

OJ Simpson is going to serve heavy duty time in prison for kidnapping. This gang of crooks must be proseucted and thrown into prison.

dee king said...

ONLY THE NAMES ARE CHANGED--unfortunately, not to protect the innocent, but to use as chattel for $$$--Keep fighting this corrupt system and pray for Audrey
Baby Boomers speak up--you are next!!!