Saturday, October 11, 2008

Probate Losing 20K Daily

According to new state figures, the state's probate court system is losing $20,000 each day and depleting its savings so quickly that it could be broke by 2010.

The report, prepared shortly before the departure of former Probate Court Administrator James Lawlor, says the system loses $1 million every two months.

Officials say it is being dragged down by massive deficits in probate courts in Connecticut's major cities and the rising cost of health care for its judges and employees.

The new chief probate court administrator, Paul Knierim, inherited the problems when he was sworn in Oct. 1. The probate system is supposed to be financially self-sustaining, but Knierim says it may have to ask the General Assembly for help next year.

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Report: State's probate system loses $20,000 daily

The state's Probate Court system is hemorrhaging $20,000 a day, a million dollars every two months and is losing its savings so quickly that by this time next year, it may be broke.

It's being dragged down by massive deficits in Connecticut's major cities and rising health care costs around the state for the judges and staffs that settle estates and provide guardians for children and adults who can't take care of themselves.

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Probate courts going bankrupt

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps the state of CT has made a behind the scenes decision to fund its courts by taking advantage of its helpless citizens?

CT citizens should run for their lives!

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable and very scary.

No wonder Dan Gross and Maydelle Trambarulo were hijacked. How many more do they hijack but no one knows?