Monday, December 15, 2008

Plank Returns Home

After a hard fought probate court battle that fractured a family, 85-year-old Marilyn Plank returned home to Michigan where her former conservator said she is happy to be.

Her return came after Greenwich Probate Judge David Hopper denied a last minute "ex parte" emergency order for a stay filed by one of the daughters who originally brought Plank to Greenwich in 2007, Linda Higgins.

Court records show that Plank had been the object of a family legal battle after two of her daughters moved her from Michigan to Greenwich, leading to a contentious dispute in which the family was split over where she should reside permanently.

Some of Plank's seven children said she was moved to the Greens of Greenwich against her will and forced to stay, while another faction maintained she was moved to receive better medical care.

After a year, Hopper eventually ruled in favor of Richard Margenot's request to return Plank to an assisted living facility in Michigan. Margenot was appointed as Plank's independent conservator to represent her interests in court proceedings.

Full Article and Source:
Court battle resolved as elderly woman returns home

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Betty said...

I am glad she is home. We all want and long for the comfort of home.

But are they still billing her at warp speed? I bet they are.

StandUPandShout said...

A year? It took a whole year to win her freedom?

A person of her age doesn't have a year for the court to get it right.

The state of CT should compensate Marilyn Plank for her imprisonment, followed by a heartfelt apology.

Freedom Fighter said...

CT is getting a BAD reputation for grannynaps!

I hope they're feeling the heat now.