Monday, January 5, 2009

Swindled and No Real Oversight

January 27, 2008 - Shannon Pitcher went from the obscurity of handling mostly guardianships and conservatorships to the headlines starting in late 2006. Legal guardians and conservators are appointed by Genesee County Probate Court to make routine, day-to-day decisions for those who usually are unable to care for themselves. It's little known and nondescript legal work.

But in Pitcher's case, investigators uncovered a series of incidences in which they alleged the attorney broke her clients' trust by stealing from their accounts.

Her case became more notorious when police found almost $100,000 in cash buried in the yards of two friends and described her wildly cluttered office and disorganized accounting for her clients' money.

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Imprisoned lawyer faces up to embezzling conviction

Shannon Pitcher lost her right to practice law when she pleaded guilty to embezzlement, but the Flint lawyer might not have seen the last of the courtroom.

A Michigan state police detective says he will turn over another case involving Pitcher and missing funds to the Lapeer County prosecutor's office, which could file additional criminal charges.

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Police question lawyer in prison, more charges possible

Tonya Field and her son, Robert, were forced to rely on area soup kitchens for food and lived in a cold home because they say their guardian stole money from them intended to be used for their well-being.

This is not the first time Pitcher, 36, has been accused of stealing from vulnerable adults she was supposed to protect. She is currently imprisoned in the Robert Scott Correctional Facility in Plymouth Township. The attorney was sentenced in November to spend 23 months to 10 years in prison for mishandling the accounts of adults in Genesee County. Officials there determined that Pitcher stole $288,137.

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Authorities say she stole money from vulnerable clients who the court appointed to be their guardian or a conservator.
Investigators say over the last five years, Pitcher stole nearly $500,000 from different clients. Much of the money is unaccounted for, and Pitcher buried it in different back yards.

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Shannon Pitcher charged with 4 counts of embezzlement

Michigan's Judicary has little to no real oversight over its members. With a quarreling Supreme Court, a dysfunctional Judicial Tenure Commission, and a defunct Attorney Grievance Commission, it looks like the system can't be trusted to police itself.

Grievances stacked up unheeded
So many people have complained about attorney Shannon H. Pitcher's erratic behavior, she could have had her own mailbox at Michigan's Attorney Grievance Commission.

But the agency that polices Michigan lawyers never stopped Pitcher from practicing law, In fact, it has never even publicly reprimanded her despite warnings from citizens, police, a prosecutor and at least one judge.

Despite a history of unsatisfied clients and a mountain of personal legal problems, Pitcher still has an unblemished record with the commission two months after her arrest on charges she stole from the clients she was appointed to protect.

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Michigan's Judiciary Has Little to No Real Oversight


Anonymous said...

I would be stunned if this case against Shannon Pitcher was not criminally prosecuted by the Michigan authorities.

Eyes wide open on this case. No mercy for Pitcher ~ harsh prinson sentence and full restitution.

Anonymous said...

I agree Anonymous -- look at all the evidence posted on this blog. Shannon Pitcher should be criminally prosecuted and I hope they go for it!

Anonymous said...

If they don't go after her with full force, it's "open season" 365 days a year and anything goes.