Monday, February 16, 2009


Brookfield Probate Judge Joseph Secola, who in recent years has been the leading advocate on maintaining the current court system, said that Gov. M. Jodi "blindsided a lot of people" by calling last week for a consolidation of the probate jurisdictions from 117 to 36 as she attempts to restructure state operations during a time of severe fiscal crisis.

Mr. Secola staunchly opposed efforts by James Lawlor of Waterbury, the former court administrator, to consolidate the system in response to reports that it is financially insolvent.

Mr. Secola, who was initially elected in 2001, said in a phone interview that the current probate court structure allows for citizens, particularly immigrants, to get personal attention without the cost of having to be represented by a lawyer.

"I don't know who is giving her advice, but it is bad advice," Mr. Secola said of Mrs. Rell's announcement in her Feb. 4 budget address that she wants to pare down the size of the probate court system, which has been in place for 300 years.

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Brookfield's Probate Expert 'Blindsided' by Rell's Plan

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Anonymous said...


How does it feel judge?

Sort of like shell shock?

Now you know how we the blindsided victims of the probate racket feel.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I was thinking the same thing, Anonymous. You must have read my mind!