Tuesday, February 24, 2009

John Pawloski Case

State regulators have accused a metro-east lawyer of wrongdoing in his role as a public guardian, including the unauthorized use of $6,300 of a disabled adult ward's money on himself.

The Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission claims in their complaint filed in November that when he allegedly took the money, John F. Pawloski was acting as a public guardian, an appointment made in each county by the governor to serve as guardian of minors or disabled adults when no family member or other person is interested.

A spokesman said that former Gov. Rod Blagojevich never appointed Pawloski as public guardian. Illinois secretary of state records show St. Clair County hasn't had an appointed public guardian since 2004. The case in which Pawloski is accused and listed as public guardian was filed in 2007.

Pawloski, who has handled at least 10 disabled adult guardianship and estate cases in St. Clair County since 2004, also is accused by the ARDC of not communicating with a client about her deceased brother's estate case and of not cooperating with an investigation of his actions.

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Metro-east attorney accused of using disabled ward's money on himself


Anonymous said...

Illinois ARDC appears to use its power to bring new less powerful attorneys into the working system of corruption. Often, attorneys are not disciplined until after a criminal charge and guilty finding. That is hard to obtain on legal matters. Commonly they will respond, "We have reviewed this attorney or cause previously and he is very ethical."

At any rate, all check out the ARDC site on your attorney. It is interesting to review and helps to learn the legal lingo to file a complaint. Besides it is interesting: Something similar to a prime time pulp tv show: sex on the desk, cocaine parties, murder, and a little bit of everything. Help yourself to enlightening reading. These are not normal egos!

Anonymous said...

This just boils my blood.

Public Guardians "steal" enough in their every day mode of operation.

And now they just start stealing for themselves.

Will he go to jail? I sure hope so!

Anonymous said...

Well, which way is it?

Was Pawloski appointed as a public guardian by Gov. Rod Blagojevich?

If not, how is it that he was appointed by the court again, and again?

I suggest the authorities investigate others in the guardianship system related to Pawloski and while the investigators are at the courthouse, I strongly suggest they proceed with a full scale audit and review of all guardianship case files.

Anonymous said...

I had this so called lawyer to represent me for childsupport - he would never return my phone calls or represent me like a lawyer should. My divorce (had a different lawyer) got over in 2 months - this child support case with Pawloski - took over 1 year! He needs to be dis-barred!

Anonymous said...

I was also taken by this "attorney" Paid him $1500 cash to handle my case, took him over 5 months to file it and only then it got filed after I requested my money back. Then I find out he was not registered with the state!! I say put him in jail then make him pay back every dime he got, to ALL of his clients!!

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