Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ten Days to Produce Documents

A judge warned a metro-east attorney accused of taking money from a disabled adult under his care that he will be arrested if he doesn't produce financial documents within 10 days.

John F. Pawloski had been ordered to bring to court delinquent financial documents for three cases -- the guardianship case in which he is accused of taking $6,300 of his ward's money and two estate cases. Pawloski lawyer, Van-Lear Eckert, said doing so "might incriminate him in some future criminal proceedings."

Pawloski has not been charged criminally in the cases.

Full Article and Source:
Attorney accused of taking money from disabled adult must show documents or be arrested

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Anonymous said...

This attorney is stupid. His mistake was flaunting ARDC, which is the "HIGHER POWER" for attorneys. The obvious $$$$$$ amount is small compared to what many of us know is common.

When bored, go the ARDC site and read complaints. It is enlightening, especially as you realize that very few complaints make it to the board.

Reading the dirt helps one realize the law, which is helpful.

Anonymous said...

Prison, no mercy!

Anonymous said...

10 days and we're counting!

Now what happens if the attorney doens't produce the documents? Does he get another 10 days and another and another???

Anonymous said...

I hope they just keep turning up the heat on this guy!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

And what will the court do with these three cases? A thorough investigation, I hope.

Pawloski is an embarrassment for the legal profession