Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Estates Bled Dry

"They are classic cases of the fox guarding the henhouse."

Jackson County prosecutors allege two men plundered separate estates in probate for a combined $1.7 million.

One defendant, a former attorney in Jackson, is in custody and the other lives in another state and has not been arrested.

Chief Assistant Prosecutor Mark Blumer: "Both estates were bled dry in the last year."

Among the alleged victims is a woman with Alzheimer's disease and three Catholic churches in Jackson County.

Richard McQuillan faces three counts of embezzling by an agent over $100,000.

Blumer declined to name the second suspect, pending his arrest. "We are afraid he will go in hiding."

Full Article and Source:
Two men allegedly embezzle $1.7 million in separate cases

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Anonymous said...

Oh, this is gonna be a good case to watch. Greedy sob's belong in prison for the rest of their stinking lives working 7 days a week to pay back dribbles to their victims.

I hope the authorities can seize their homes and all of the property and assets.

There are more out there, congratulations for exposing these financial predators.

Anonymous said...

Stories such as these are abundant and the public is supposed to rely on attorneys for judgement and court access.

There is something pathologically wrong with the minds of attorneys.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is worth popping the popcorn for!

I hope these attorneys lie awake at night and are afraid of going to jail. I hope it's all they can think about.

Anonymous said...

I thought lawyers take an oath when they become part of the shark pool.

I thought persons in POSITIONS OF TRUST, agents of the courts are obligated to perform their dutie to the best of their abilities.

I guess I thought wrong.

I hope the cops drag these lowlife coward crooks to their jail cell by a rope attached to the back of an old pickup truck through rough side roads and swamps.

Let's see what's left of their stinking bodies for the judge.