Thursday, April 9, 2009

Elder Abuse Bill ReIntroduced

Sens. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, and Blanche Lincoln, D-Ark., have reintroduced a bill — for the fourth Congress in a row — designed to help protect the elderly from abuse.

Hatch: "More than 500,000 Americans over 60 are the victims of domestic abuse. I am committed to doing all I can to pass legislation to protect them from those who would prey upon them physically, financially and psychologically."

The bill would order the federal government to collect data on elder abuse; penalize failure to report abuse and other crimes in long-term care facilities; provide Adult Protective Services grants with $100 million annually for four years; and create a council to coordinate federal, state and local response to elder abuse.

Hatch noted that the government spends $6.7 billion a year on child abuse and $520 million a year on domestic abuse, but just $153 million on elder abuse. He said that is a tiny amount considering that 76 million baby boomers will reach retirement age over the next three decades.

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Hatch reintroduces elder-abuse bill

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Anonymous said...

Warning! Warning! Warning!

BABY BOOMERS will be the next victims of the judicial system in its sick, sick, sick management of guardianship, which itsealf is a major cause of elder abuse

Anonymous said...

I am very pleased to see this. We think our elected representatives don't really do much, and this is a good reminder that they really do.

Hopefully, the thrird try will be a charm!

wisernow said...

I hope this mandatory collecting of data includes:

COMPLAINTS ABOUT THE GUARDIANSHIP RACKET by design is in the best interest of the .... guardian.

Currently, there is no legal remedy, no legal recourse, NOWHERE to go with valid complaints.

StandUp said...

Collecting data on elder abuse is a must and I support this bill for that.

Now, the challenge will be to get the government to understand that guardianship abuse IS elder abuse!

Sue said...

Applause Senators Orrin Hatch and Blanche Lincoln for taking a tough stand on behalf of the elderly and those who will be hitting the big 60!

We appreciate your hard work and dedication.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

It's true that children get preference over the elderly.

Vulnerable is vulnerable no matter what age.

jerri said...

How refreshing! Good news! I am grateful that important people in high places want laws with sharp teeth to protect us. Thank you! and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

It's a good sign that they're looking at the upcoming retiring Boomers. Now, the challenge will be to get them to do the right things, including reforming guardianship laws.

Anonymous said...

One day at a time, it's like coming off decades of addiction to $$$$$ in their pockets. Hey, they will have to get real jobs, what's wrong with that?