Sunday, May 17, 2009

Deception and Opportunity

Crown prosecutor Ian Hay said that a sentence of five years in prison would be too little for Bryan Tickell, a former case worker with the Public Guardian and Public Trustee of B.C. who defrauded mentally incompetent clients,

Hay told North Vancouver Provincial Court Judge Tony Dohm that Tickell demonstrated a "blithe pattern of deception," married with a "keen sense of opportunity" to exploit clients who were unable to look after themselves.

"He needs to be separated from society for our own protection," he said, declining to recommend a specific jail term.

Tickell's lawyer, Scott Wright, characterized his client's crimes as "a misguided attempt at self-elevation." He argued that two years in prison, plus three years of probation, would adequately address the basic principles of sentencing, which include deterrence and denunciation.

After both sides were heard, Judge Dohm said he would deliver his decision on June 1.

Full Article and Source:
Five-year sentence sought for rogue employee in Public Guardian's office


Anonymous said...

Hooray for Ian Hay.

Predators should be seperated from society --- in long, long, perhaps never ending prison terms.

Anonymous said...

Rope therapy

Anonymous said...

Guardianship abuse is an international subject. We think it's just in the US, but no -- it's anywhere there is money or property to be gained!

Anonymous said...

Deception and opportunity are always present in cases of abusive guardianship.

Anonymous said...

love of money = greed