Friday, May 15, 2009

Youth Inspires Others

My Grandma, Jean McKee Blackwell, was stolen from me when I was 11 years old.

I am now 15 and want to speak out about what the conservator and guardian in Tucson Arizona did to my family.

My whole family lived together and we were very happy. Janice Bernardini came in and separated my Mom and Dad. My Dad was sick and needed Mom to take care of him. He died because they did not care. He was only 43 and was supposed to meet my kids someday. Now I am the man of my family and I will not let them take anymore from me.

I love my Grandma and want her back. I am not allowed to call her or visit her without “permission” or supervision. My Mom and Grandma Jean were best friends and they won’t ever let them talk again.

My Grandma has money and they like to use it. They threw my Mom, sister and me on the street with no place to go. They spent over 1million dollars to ruin my Mom. We had to leave Arizona just so Mom could raise us in peace. Mom is not allowed to talk about what they did to our family. They made her sign a paper promising not to speak. Judge Clark Munger called my Mom a bad mother. HE WAS WRONG.

He may have hurt my family but he will be stopped. I will get my Grandma free so she can watch me and my sister make Dad proud.

Puppets Imitate Life

I love you Grandma Jean and I will never stop fighting for you!
May 2009 ~ Guardianship abuse victims recognized during Elder Abuse Prevention Month


Anonymous said...

This grandchild's love and determination is an inspirtation to all of us.

They stole his Grandma and called him Mom names. How cruel is that?

Sue said...

The Jean Blackwell situation is an AMERICAN TRAGEDY which should not have ever happened and worse yet this continues with court approval with the mob boss Judge Clark Munger. .

Shameful, very wrong and screams of abuses, including mental cruelty, elder abuse and child abuse with court approval.

"They" Janice Bernardini
and her loop of probate crooks, the greedy abusers and "their" enablers under color of law need to be exposed and held responsible and accountable for their intent, their motives, their actions - the destruction of the family unit, denying normal family relationships while seizing the assets of the wards and the family must stop.

Anonymous said...

This case is an example of how guardianship hell crosses generations -- from Grandma to Mother to Son.

Three generations terrorized by guardianship abuse.

Anonymous said...

This story makes my blood boil!

Anonymous said...

I try not to wish bad things on bad people, but I find myself reading this story and then hoping Jan Bernardini and Clark Mumger get conserved in their old age by people just like them.

Anonymous said...

The puppet show is top notch!

The puppets for Jan Bernardini and Judge Clark Munger are perfect.

And Bernagreedy? Ah, now that's a perfect slip of the lip!

Anonymous said...

These vultures have no duty to the family members. EVERYONE QUICK Tell your elderly loved ones. DON'T SAVE YOUR MONEY. Guardianships are ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.

Anonymous said...

Spend, spend, spend it ALL now. This hell on earth to innocent people scares me to death!

Anonymous said...

I have something honest to say, but I know you will reject my comment. You will not be able to post due to the objectionable, offensive language which would offend society.

Too bad, because the one's who deserve reading offensive language directed at them Janice Bernardini and Judge Clark Munger et al are those who are offending and they deserve to read what we really think about them in clear uncensored, graphic, decriptive, explicit ugly, vulgar words which would only begin to convey what I am feeling.

Anonymous said...

I think your Dad is very proud of you for fighting for your Grandma and taking care of your Mom.

Anonymous said...

Wife abuse used to be hidden and no help. It has at least improved over the last 20 yrs. Guardianship is probably more difficult. The baby boomers are supposed to bring in trillions to the "predators"; it is more akin to the slave trade, which took what to change. How does an underground railroad sound for starters; it may be a necessity _ I don't know. GUARDIANSHIP IS OWNERSHIP _as practiced by the current system. So what is different from the slavery of the south in American history. How much less heinous is guardianship?

Anonymous said...

Dear 17 year old boy,

I am so sorry that you are forced to live in the pain you are feeling. I am in a similar situation where my own sisters took my mother away from the people and things she loved. I am a grownup and not a teenager and yet I cry at night because I love and miss my mother so much. You are very brave and I admire you for speaking out. Guardianships and conservatorships seem to attract very evil and sick persons but one of these days each and every one of them will get what they deserve. Now that we have the internet and can educate people about this terrible thing, the time will come when the wrongdoers will get caught and punished. In the meantime, lets keep working together toward that goal. I wish you the best.
Annie McKenna

anonymous said...

I am so very sorry for what your family had to go through and your losses. The Jean Blackwell case was the worst I've seen. It is shameful that these greedy individuals have not been held accountable. I experienced firsthand the evil, drunken, unethical, greedy, manipulative behavior of Janice Bernardini. Fortunately, some one around me was able to see what she was up in time for me to get rid of her. People still remember what she did. She is a sorry excuse of a human being. One of the most hated people in Pima County.