Thursday, May 14, 2009

No Help For Postal Worker

Why doesn't Murray retire from his job at the Post Office?....
Because the guardian will take his pension!

I am old enough to retire. I have been a Postal worker for over forty years. I hold a full time position earning approximately $50,000 a year, in addition to working extensive overtime.

I was happy for all those years until I was introduced to the judicial system in 2000. The landlord of the building I had been living in for the prior ten years refused to make what I considered necessary repairs, so I resorted to self help and withheld a portion of the rent. The apartment that I was living in was rent controlled, so it is easy to understand why the landlord decided to start eviction proceedings.

Instead of eviction, I was placed under guardianship by Hon. Anthony Cutrona, Justice of the Supreme Court in Kings County, Brooklyn, NY in March of 2001 in order to “protect” me.

This is when my life turned into a nightmare. When a guardian is appointed for a person, all their civil rights are lost. I could no longer control my own money. The court ordered that all of my salary, including all overtime pay, must be sent to the guardian, a company ironically called Self Help Community Services, Inc. Each week, the guardian returns a total of $325 which my wife and I are expected to live on.

I am in dire need of dental work, but when the bill became five hundred dollars, the guardian would no longer pay it.

My hearing loss is having a negative effect at my job (I am totally deaf in one ear and partially deaf in the other), but when I ordered hearing aids, the guardian cancelled my personal check. My co-workers find it annoying because they have to constantly repeat instructions because I can’t hear them when they speak. Sometimes people mistake my loudness for aggressiveness.

I have made my problem known to many agencies in New York, have contacted and emailed the first lady, Oprah Winfrey, etc. and has been told that they can not help me.

May 2009 ~ Guardianship abuse victims recognized during Elder Abuse Prevention Month


Anonymous said...

They're not "guarding" - this is nothing more than a grand GRABBING SCHEME!

Anonymous said...

If he's competent enough to work full time --- for the post office for crying out loud, he's competent!

Anonymous said...

This is unreal and should generate mass outrage!

This is a poster child case which needs attention!

He is desperately in need of help. What can be done?

wisernow said...

Oh, but Murray you need to understand you are a hardworking American citizen, IF for example you were a detainee, or a convicted felon, you would have more rights and people in powerful positions would listen to your pleas for help.

Your story gives me sleepless nights and ultimately nightmares and I know my temperature gets so hot, my blood pressure goes through the roof every time I think of you, how you have been exploited with court approval, taken advantage of with the cruelest treatment, dismissing you as a human being all with COURT APPROVAL!!!

See, here it comes, my boiling point, pounding rapid heartbeat.

Hang in there Murray you have many friends and supporters out here who care about you and we will work hard to free you from your greedy lazy captures.

I want you to have your life back; I want you to have a voice; I want you to get all your money back from the greedy guardianship crooks, yes, every cent that this cost you.

Keep the faith Murray, we are here, we hear you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Murray, I am so sorry to see how you have been abused with a judge knowing what is going on. The title of your video "Elder abuse or Slavery" should read "Elder abuse and Slavery" and much more. Sincerely, an American Citizen who is feeling shame and guilt

Anonymous said...

Most guardianship victims don't have a voice. Murray's outspoken and strong. I admire his determination and feel he will be rewarded.

Anonymous said...

Keep up your spirits, Murray!

mateacher said...

I am the wife of a guardianship victim. Our retirement savings are almost depleted because of the raping permitted and endorsed by the Courts. The court must approve the sale, purchase, or disposal of any property OWNED JOINTLY. As a result I am also a victim and under the control of the Court. In addition, a fee must be paid to the court, and attorneys every time a motion is submitted to the court for disposition of MY property.
This situation is outrageous. The ward's assets are NOT CONSERVED and the vulchers continue to feast on whatever assets they can lay their hands on.

mateacher said...

The courts, court appointed administrators, a whole flock of attorney vulchers are in the business of fleecing, raping, and exploiting the ward's assets.
Murray's case is deplorable, just as many thousands of other
guardianship victims.
Laws should be changed--and quickly. This man needs to regain his status as an American. Even an animal has more rights than Murray.