Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lokuta Files Petition

Former Luzerne County judge Ann Lokuta has asked the state Supreme Court to take jurisdiction of her case from the Court of Judicial Discipline, alleging the disciplinary court has shown a bias toward her in its rulings.

The petition alleges the disciplinary court has failed to follow the Supreme Court’s directive regarding the standard of review it should apply in reexamining Lokuta’s misconduct case.

It also again challenges the refusal of attorney Richard Sprague, who headed the panel, to recuse himself given his representation of Robert Powell, one of the key figures in the judicial corruption probe.

Lokuta also asks the court to reinstate her salary and benefits pending resolution of the case, arguing the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts has wrongly denied her the compensation.

Full Article and Source:
Lokuta asks high court to take over case

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Anonymous said...

I feel like this is a good move for Lokuta.

She had already been thru the Court of Judicial Discipline who ignored her in favor of Conahan and his crew.

So, they've proven they're not fair and open.

Move up the ladder, Lokuta.

Anonymous said...

Go get 'em, Lokuta!

Anonymous said...

Right, Anon, the discipline committee has already showed their colors (and possible allegiance with Conahan) -- Lokuta needs to get it to a different venue.

Anonymous said...

The discipline board chose to believe Conahan and thus remove Lokuta from the bench.

Conahan has been found out to be as crooked as they come.

Lokuta is right in taking it higher.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Michael Conahan is the reason Lokuta got debenched. The judicial discipline people believed him over Lokuta. And they denied her opportunities to defend herself.

Yes, Anon, this is a good move for Lokuta. Keep fighting for justice!

Anonymous said...

Sprague doesn't want to recuse himself because he would look bad even though that's exactly what he should do.

Anonymous said...

I hope Lokuta is successful in further exposing the corruption of the two bad judges in PA.

Anonymous said...

I predict the Luzerne Co. story will eventually be made into a movie.

Anonymous said...

Here's some background info on Richard Sprague, taken from a blog.

Richard Sprague (President Judge of the Pennsylvania Court of Judicial Discipline) once represented Vincent Fumo (corrupt politician, heading to jail.) They parted over an argument. Richard Sprague is now representing Robert Powell (corrupt attorney, heading to jail) as part of the Luzerne County public corruption case. Richard Sprague, as a Justice, wouldn't step aside in the Judge Ann Lokuta trial even though he represented Robert Powell who has ties to former Judge Michael Conahan (corrupt judge, heading to jail) according to court records.

Betty Roccograndi of the Times Leader wrote December 7,2008 The links between Sprague, Powell, Conahan and other Powell pals who testified against Lokuta is disturbing, and any fair-minded person has to wonder whether Sprague’s objectivity was clouded even a little bit.

Another noted client of Richard Sprague is Louis DeNaples (gangster casino owner, miraculously escaped indictment a few months ago.) Okay what does that have to do with anything? Vincent Fumo authored the gaming bill that brought Sprague and DeNaples together. Did we just complete the circle of life??