Thursday, September 3, 2009

Two Brokers Barred for Bilking Church Goers, Elderly, Mentally Impaired in Ponzi Schemes

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) said Monday it permanently barred two brokers from working in the securities industry in any capacity ever again after they allegedly ran multi-million-dollar Ponzi schemes that victimized mentally and physically impaired Americans, elderly citizens, church members and family friends.

FINRA said Oren Eugene Sullivan, Jr., of Rock Hill, SC, "misappropriated" $3.7 million over decades from more than 30 clients. The victims, the self-regulatory body said, included 15 widows, two Alzheimer's victims and an individual with developmental impairments. At least eight of the affected clients were more than 80 years old. Many purportedly considered Sullivan a close family friend.

FINRA also barred William Walter Spencer, Sr., of Franklin, TN. Spencer, Finra said, "borrowed" nearly $2 million from elderly members of his church and from customers of his employing broker-dealer, Wiley Bros. — Aintree Capital, LLC.
"The protection of seniors and other vulnerable investors from unscrupulous brokers remains one of FINRA's highest priorities, and we will continue to identify and expel those within our jurisdiction who take unfair advantage of their clients," said Susan L. Merrill, FINRA Executive Vice President and Chief of Enforcement. "The misconduct of these brokers was nothing short of egregious — and their financial exploitation of the elderly, the infirm and people who considered them trusted friends shocks the conscience."

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Two Brokers Barred for Bilking Church Goers, Elderly, Mentally Impaired in Ponzi Schemes


Anonymous said...

There is a misconception that family are the biggest financial abusers of the elderly. This article dispells that myth.

Sue said...

Greedy financial predators wear many costumes and masks, many are perceived as trustworthy, as honest "professionals".

We need to fund the construction of more prisons and jails.

These crooks need the harshest punishment to send a strong, clear message: STOP IT! or you will suffer the consequences of years, decades in a cage.

Betty said...

Financial advisers and lawyers are the two greatest catagories of financial abusers of the elderly according to a MetLife report of this year.

Anonymous said...

It does shock the conscience.

These thieves should be made to pay resitution to all of those vulnerable people they took advantage of.

After that, and after serving long prison terms, they should have to serve 20+ hours community service for the rest of their working years.

Anonymous said...

For shame. What a bitter disappointment Oren Sullivan, Jr. and William Spencer, Sr.'s are to their parents and family.

helensniece said...

Two types of people in this world:

Predators and their Prey