Thursday, November 19, 2009

Court to Render Decision on Lokuta Case

Former Judge Ann H. Lokuta stood Tuesday in front of the same state disciplinary panel that removed her from the Luzerne County bench last year, imploring them to reconsider.

She reminded the seven-member Court of Judicial Discipline of the corruption scandal that broke a month after its ruling - the scandal underscored by a 48-count racketeering indictment against two former judges who testified against her.

She told them of the personal hardship of going a year without income, without benefits, and without the one thing she said she cherished more than anything else - putting on the judicial robe and hearing cases.

Near the end of her soliloquy, she pointed to an inscription on a courtroom partition and asked for forgiveness. "You look down here and you see mercy, you see wisdom and you see justice," Lokuta said. "Isn't that the purpose of any sanction, rehabilitation?"

She may have convinced them.

The panel deliberated Lokuta's reinstatement behind closed doors for 15 minutes before its president judge emeritus, Richard A. Sprague, returned alone and announced that the court would adjourn and issue a written opinion.

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Court Mulls Lokuta's Return to County Bench

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LoriView said...

I don't remember what her transgression was supposed to be, but if it came from the two thieves on the bench, it has to be questioned now.

Anonymous said...

Basically, she was accused of bullying her staff, LoriView.

Anonymous said...

Show Mercy? Wisdom? Justice? I would have hoped for that in my loved one's court room!

Anonymous said...

I hope she wins!

StandUp said...

Ha! I bet Conahan's steaming!!!

Barbara said...

This is a chance for the state of PA to start cleaning up their act.

Put Lokuta back on the bench....

Max said...

I don't know if Lokuta was a good judge or a bad judge, but I do know Conahan's as dirty as they come.

And he's the one after Lokuta.

I add that up to her getting the shaft.

But, she may just be getting even.