Friday, November 20, 2009

Steven T. Rondos Facing 6-18 Years in Prison

A disbarred attorney from Ridgewood is facing a maximum sentence of 6 to 18 years in prison after pleading guilty to charges of stealing millions from guardianship accounts he oversaw for incapacitated children and seniors.

Steven T. Rondos and his Brooklyn-based law firm, Raia & Rondos P.C., were indicted in January on charges of grand larceny, money laundering and fraud in connection with the theft of $4 million, prosecutors said.

Rondos pleaded guilty Nov. 4 to all 19 counts in the indictment, admitting he fleeced two dozen clients from 2001 to 2008. His victims included mentally and physically impaired elderly people, as well as children suffering from cerebral palsy caused by medical malpractice at birth, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office said.

Rondos, who has since been disbarred in New York and New Jersey, had been appointed by judges as a legal guardian responsible for managing cash awards and other client assets.

His sentencing is scheduled for Jan. 22 in Manhattan Supreme Court.

The law firm has pleaded not guilty and is going to trial.

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Ex-Ridgewood Attorney Faces 6-18 Years in Prison

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Anonymous said...

Oh, please don't think we are so ignorant that Steven T. Rondos could be doing this stealing without others in his Brooklyn-based law firm Raia & Rondos P.C. not know about this give me a break.

I hope Rondos gets the full 18 years of misery in a locked cage.

I also hope all of his cellmates find out who he victimized. Even prisoners have their own code of ethics.

What a greedy dirtbag and to think there are others doing the same dirty deeds - shame, shame, shame!

LoriView said...

The wife was a partner in the law firm. What's her copout? That she didn't profit from the funds her husband stole?

Guardianship fee awards require court approval - you can't help yourself!

Anonymous said...

I hope they don't think this is just "one bad apple" out of all the attorney's and guardians in our country.

They caught one and that's a start. What are they doing to prevent this from happening to some other helpless child or senior citizen?

Barbara said...

Rondos victims, gather round and prepare to celebrate!

Anonymous said...

So many victims and families harmed by Rondos and his firm.

It's about time it's all coming back to him.

Anonymous said...

Right on Anon 1 !

Steve said...

It's amazing - he pleads guilty and his firm (wife) pleads not guilty.

MaeEliz said...

What are the states, courts, judges, attorneys going to do to STOP this kind of financial abuse? We need new laws and oversight for all our poor elderly ones who are overtaken by this system!

Anonymous said...

First of all, all the accounts were insured and the wards will be made whole. Secondly, he did not plea to stealing millions. It was just over a million and he is owed about a million. Lastly, his wife didn't work for 10 years.There were no other attorneys in the firm. Why do you people naively believe everything the corrupt press and prosecutors tell you!! The

Anonymous said...

to the person defending Mr. Rondos...have you no shame! He took from people that were not able to function in life on their own due to physical ailments. The press does not make everything up. Furthermore...his wife not working is a crock...she probably worked from home as it is very easily done now adays in addition to being "a stay at home mom". She was in the business longer than he as you can see from their age difference. He was no big time lawyer when he started out. Nevertheless if you make your money honestly God bless but they did not! He funded renovating his new home in Ridgewood and paying his mortgage and who know what else. If his wife did not know about this and had no clue where the funds came from to pay for all this she sure is pretty dumb. She was a partner so she sure as hell knew. He deserves to be punished - unfortunately his children will suffer knowing their dad is a crook.

wisernow said...

Anonymous said...
First of all, all the accounts were insured and the wards will be made whole. Secondly, he did not plea to stealing millions. It was just over a million .....

Oh excuse me / us Steven Rondos only stole one million, I guess that makes a big difference in your moral book but not in my book.

Rondos is a coward and a thief and betcha he has done stealing and covering up in the past but he got away with it.

Rondos and others like him belong in a state or federal cage to rot.

Mrs. Perp knew or she should have known. Funny isn't it how these spouses get dumber and dumber.

K A R M A!