Saturday, December 5, 2009


A former Trenton woman was convicted Monday of exploiting her 90-year-old relative and repaid her nearly $40,000.

Heather Shearer was convicted of unlawful financial exploitation of an elderly person, a class 1 felony, in Carlyle. Shearer entered the guilty plea and repaid the victim $39,814.70, according to Clinton County State's Attorney John Hudspeth.

Shearer was required to make immediate full restitution, in addition to the 120-day jail sentence, probation, fines and court costs totaling $1,782 she was sentenced, Hudspeth said.

Full Article and Source:
Former Clinton Cuonty Woman Convicted of Exploiting 90-Year-Old Relative


StandUp said...

I am glad resitution was made in this case. It doesn't make her any less responsible, but it's the right thing to do every time.

Neal said...

I hope the 90-year-old relative didn't also get stuck in guardianship as a result of this theft. If so, then Shearer didn't pay back the victim; she fed the guardian.

Anonymous said...

The weirdo stole the money to pay for her breast implants and a tummy tuck!