Saturday, February 13, 2010

CANHR Report: Toxic Medicine

CANHR is pleased to announce the release of "Toxic Medicine: What You Should Know to Fight the Misuse of Psychoactive Drugs in Nursing Homes."

The new guidebook covers all of the basics regarding psychoactive drugs in nursing homes, from a description of their uses and side effects to an examination of the applicable laws.

Most importantly, the guide gives practical tips for nursing home residents or their family members to prevent misuse of psychoactive drugs. Releasing the guide is just the first stage of CANHR's 2010 Campaign to End Inappropriate Drugging of California Nursing Home Residents.

TOXIC MEDICINE: What You Should Know to Fight the Misuse of Psychoactive Drugs in California Nursing Homes

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Thelma said...

The unethical drugging must stop!

Anonymous said...

Very happy to see California making progress with this crime being committed against our elderly. This happenend to my mom in Florida with a professional guardian. Mom was vocal about wanting out of the place the guardian kept her, she wants to go home, her family wants her home but the court appointed guardian appears to have other plans for her estate and won't let mom go so she drugged her instead.

Betty said...

Well done, CANHR, you are a credit to CA!

Rex said...

Toxic medicine is right and I applaud anyone fighting this terrible thing.

Max said...

People need to pay attention to this. Thank you CANHR. Thank you NASGA.

StandUp said...

An important message was posted here. Family needs to be vigilant and watchful of what goes on with their loved ones in facilities.

There is a growing number of investigative reports of over drugging.

I appreciate what CANHR has done here.