Friday, February 12, 2010

Press Release: Danny Tate Conservatorship


Fame, fortune, addiction. The fortune part is what makes Danny Tate prisoner of a Tennessee conservatorship.

Danny Tate, successful rock musician and composer, is forced to fight a formidable team, led by his own brother; a team seeking permanent control of all aspects of his life—his finances, in particular. The motives of the entire team against Danny Tate, including attorneys, mental health professionals and even a Tennessee judge, are being called into question.

Nashville, TN, February 11, 2010 When Danny Tate relapsed in 2007 after eighteen years of sobriety, his world unraveled in typical fashion. During the spiral, he called on his older brother, David, for short term assistance. But, that regrettable request opened a door, and David Tate stepped through. That door is the door that swings open to conservators in Tennessee who might wish for any reason, altruistic or otherwise, to wrangle full control of another’s assets and life.

These days, Danny Tate cannot enter into business contracts, access his hard earned money, or even write a check. He has been rendered helpless to rebuild his life, a life that once included lucrative deals in the music industry. Though Danny Tate is back to managing his addictive tendencies just as he did for eighteen years prior to 2007, his fight to regain control of what is left of his assets and his life consumes his days.

"An out-of-control probate court rendered a conservatorship on my life that has wrought nothing but personal, professional and financial ruin to the benefit of probate attorneys who prey on the unsuspecting,” says Tate. “Many are victimized by conservatorships all across our country. My hope is my case will shed light on this shadowy corner of the law.”

Beyond his personal battle, Danny Tate vows to change Tennessee laws related to conservatorship abuse. Without money, the freedom to act in his own behalf, or, indeed, a place to always stay, he wages war from Nashville as only a resourceful person with virtually no resources can--through the help of friends and the press.

Read of Danny Tate’s fight for freedom at:

Barbara Neff
Volunteer Public Information Representative
Free Danny Tate
(303) 408-6335

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Sue said...

Cany anyone deny that Danny Tate was railroaded with court approval, marked for destruction by people who only want his money?

Can anyone explain to me how any of the details in this case is "in the best interest of the ward"?

Can anyone explain or show me how Danny Tate's best interests were protected?

Is this the longest TEMPORARY GUARDIANSHIP CONSERVATORSHIP case that anyone else has seen?

Danny please continue to keep the faith the truth is on your side.

StandUp said...

I love the opener --- yes, it's the fortune part that's holding Danny prisoner. So very well said!

Max said...

"Best interests of the ward" are just buzz words designed to make it look like that's their purpose. In reality, those words are a joke. Too bad somebody doesn't have a laugh machine to turn on every time the lawyers utter, "best interests of the ward".

Watching said...

I am glad to see this press release and I am sure that a tidal wave of support from Danny Tate will grow and grow!

timlahrman said...

My brother used this ploy to steal a corporation I founded.

Twenty-plus years and we are still in court.

Justice is a mockery.

I am an 'adult ward' --- adjudicated incompetent and if anyone would like to share in my knowledge and understanding of the law guardianship, just email me. I have no lawyer, and I pity any lawyer that would ever be appointed to or for me.

I sue lawyers, judges and state actors .... they are my hobby, as is the First Amendment.

Good luck Danny --- if I can be of help, let me know

Anonymous said...


"Best interests of the ward" is such a vague law; what do you think these Legislator/lawyers were thinking when they penned this one?

Anonymous said...

So typical. Fans of Danny Tate should realize that this can happen to anyone. The crooks can always find an "in." One day you have all the rights of an American citizen and the next day you have no rights.

Anonymous said...

The Guardianship Racket scam in the family court system has claimed another high profile victim: Danny Tate.

Betcha the plan of the 'bilkers' is to have Danny relapse. His captors know his triggers now and can easily assist or allow these triggers to be set off giving evidence that 'poor' Danny needs to have others protect his best interests.

Fact is, he didn't need 'them' for 17 years but the truth is easily twisted, turned and flipped by slick lawyers, their laws, and the perverse legal process in these Kangaroo courts.

Marcia said...

I think we need to start all over with conservatorship laws. It is obvious the person who is targeted to be declared a ward is stripped of their rights and their money within minutes before a judge.

Most of the victims of this abuse are old folks sucked into the system, but oh my gosh, Danny Tate is in the prime of his life with two beautiful young daughters who need him.

Does David Tate have plans to be his brothers conservator for the rest of Danny's life or until Danny's money runs out?

This is a case that could turn the guardianship racket upside down.

Good Luck Danny, we're with you!

Anonymous said...

From what facts I'm aware of, this judge is in deep doo-doo!

Sally said...

Stand tall, Danny, and don't let them get you down.

You are not alone; we are with you. And you will prevail!

Randy said...

Get out the spotlight and the megaphones and keep the heat on them.

Free Danny Tate!

Patti said...

What happened to Danny Tate should scare every red-blooded American.

Danny's not elderly or disabled and I bet most people think only elderly or disabled people are in conservatorship -- wrong!

It's all about money!

Anonymous said...

We're with both Danny and you, too, Tim.

Zig said...

Conservatorship sees no age. It only smells money.

The judge in this case should be debenched!

Norma said...

My compliments to Barbara Neff, for a very well written Press Release.

And hats off to Danny Tate, who when freed, will continue to fight for other victims of unlawful and abusive conservatorship!

jerri said...

i cant believe what i'm reading here this story is beyond belief if i didn't know better i'd think this is fiction is this fiction?

is this the land of the free?

for gosh sakes judge kennedy what is going on? can you open up your eyes here or maybe your eyes are wide open but yet you do not see the truth?

free danny tate post haste!

Anonymous said...

As one comment said, "This is a case that could turn the guardianship racket upside down." Lets all hope so!

Judy / Judy said...

I agree with anon hope and prayers that this case is a jaw dropper as it should be because if someone doesn't approve or like the way you live your life or how you spend YOUR money that you EARNED well hell the probate court will assist those who don't like you or disagree with you and give them your body, mind and soul and all you own.

Usually, it works til the ward has passed on but in this case we have a fighter.

Danny Tate keep your head up high and stare these evildoers right in their eyes.

Then, turn this racket upside down and shake, shake, shake all the greedy dirty people into their holes.

Anonymous said...

When will people realize the truth that guardianship / conservatorship in most cases benefits the guardianship racket?

Olivia said...

Perhaps David's initial motives were on the up and up but then he was ravished by greed, power, or both.

It's very sad and I am sorry it happened to you, Danny Tate.

drowningboy said...

Crack kills!!!

suzie said...

Hello, I have created a petition concerning Guardianship/elder abuse, please feel free to my petition's site and spread the word. guardianship/elder abuse like all other forms of abuse is very wrong. and all people need to be respected and their rights/ civil rights need to be respected.and you can view my petition at; thank you.