Sunday, July 25, 2010

Judge: Daughter Had No Right to Mother's Money

A Wayne County judge says a Houston woman had no right to take $500,000 from the bank accounts of her now 95-year-old mother in 2008.

Wednesday's decision by Probate Judge David Szymanski means lawyers for M. Louise Stanton can file court papers to go after the assets of Janice Stanton Hines, 58, whom Szymanski jailed for contempt of court in December for refusing to repay the money. Stanton Hines is still in jail.

"The court finds that these assets belong to M. Louise Stanton," Szymanski said in an eight-page decision. He rejected Stanton Hines' claim that her mom gave her the money.

"I'm ecstatic," Charlene Glover-Hogan of Detroit, the mother's court-appointed lawyer, said Wednesday.

"I couldn't imagine doing anything like that to my parents," Glover-Hogan added.
The mother's court-appointed guardian, Steven Geller of Royal Oak, said he will take steps to have a judgment entered against Stanton Hines, enabling him to seize her assets.

Court papers say Stanton Hines, a disaster relief coordinator in Houston, withdrew nearly $800,000 from M. Louise Stanton's accounts after her mother added her and another daughter's names to them. When the other daughter confronted Stanton Hines, she returned $286,000, leaving a $500,000 shortfall.

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Judge: Woman Had No Right to Mother's Money


Anonymous said...

When siblings steal and battle, someone always wins most $$$, if not all: the lawyers!

Mrs. H said...

You got that right. They are are all crooks.

StandUp said...

Whooooa, the court decided the assets belonged to the Mother? I'm all for that, but in reality if the Mother has a court-appointed guardian, then those assets really aren't hers, are they?

Anonymous said...

How much are the guardian and attorneys making off this case?

Norma said...

The mother added her daughter's name to her bank accounts. That shows she trusted her daughter.

Now, her daughter could have stole the money --- or it could be that the mother did want her daughter to have the money.

We don't know.

Just because the article seems all rah/rah painting a picture of theft, doesn't mean it's so.

Gene said...

The court-appointed lawyer, Charlene Glover-Hogan, can't imagine doing anything like that to her own mother? Well, what does she think abusive guardianships do to mothers across the country?

The result is the same. The ward's life savings are just as gone if they are outright stolen or eaten up by attorneys and guardians.

Connie said...

Anon 1 is right, family theft becomes a victory for the lawyers.

Anonymous said...

The daughter has no right to mother's money but neither do the lawyers and guardian.

Anonymous said...

Charleene Glover Hogan is a CROOK!!