Monday, December 27, 2010

Man Convicted of Defrauding Elderly Faces New Charges

A man pretending to be a contractor – and who had been convicted five times of defrauding elderly people – was arrested in a sixth case, accused of defrauding an 86-year-old man up until about six months before the man died, according to court documents unsealed [12/16/10].

Derron Smith, 43, was charged with one count of exploitation of an elderly or disabled adult. Bail was set at $100,000.

Full Article and Source:
Pinellas Man Convicted of Defrauding the Elderly Faces New Charges


Lou said...

Why doesn't the state of Florida prosecute their professional guardian/thiefs the same way as this con artist instead of protecting them??

Norma said...

Thank you, once again, Laurie Roberts. You are an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Get him and lock him up for a very long time.

Keisha said...

There should be no bail for this guy.