Monday, December 27, 2010

Today's Probate Story is Brought to You by Mary

Every day or two, I hear another story from another person with a loved one who is being “protected” by the probate court. They always have the same theme. Families even have a name for what goes on. Can you guess what it is?

I’ll tell you in a minute, but first, here is today’s letter, which is very much like yesterday’s and, no doubt tomorrow’s.

Today’s probate disaster, submitted to the newspaper as a letter to the editor, comes courtesy of Mary Myers, of Mesa:

“I have been following Laurie Roberts' columns on the probate courts for some time and she is 'right on' "

“I have a 79 year old sister that was placed under the care of a fiduciary and a lawyer by the probate court several years ago.

"She was moved all the way across the city to make it difficult for family visits and placed in assisted living when she required skilled care. My sister is kept sadated as a way to control her movements and spends her days sitting in a chair, often in her own excretments. She was hospitalized three times in six years for dehydration and infections. The fiduciary doubled her fees without notice and I have no way to even prove that she visits the facility to check on my sister's care.

“What happens when the bank account finally does dry? Where does she go then? Will you pay her bills?"

So now, to the mission statement of the probate system -- or at least by the fiduciaries who seem to run the place -- brought to you by the families that have endured it. It’s just three simple words.

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Today's Probate Story is Brought to You by Mary


Anonymous said...

Where does the bill go?
To the taxpaupers, of course.

Holly said...

Thank you Laurie Roberts for keeping this in the public eye.

My mother was taken to Florida to avoid a scheduled guardianship court hearing in her domicile state of PA. We were told the "professional guardian" Jetta Getty of Young at Heart Elderly Services, Port Orange FL would get this sorted out and get mother home quickly.

Now we discover that Getty & team probate NEVER told the judge that mother was a PA resident and domiciliary.

For 3 years now I have been battling the court system to get mother home. Currently she is being held against her will for ransom, reward or other which of course is "kidnapping."

Tami Goldmann said...

I just read all the comments (or backlash) Ms. Roberts is getting from reporting on the truth.

I used to live in that safe bubble too. That government "of the people, by the people, and for the people" was true too. Then this happened to me. My safe world no longer safe....

As sad as this story is, I hope Ms. Roberts keeps us informed.

Steve said...

Another example of great reporting!

Jenny said...

Laurie Roberts, if you're reading this blog, we think you're great!

Thelma said...

Laurie Roberts did the country a service. Now everyone knows how sick the guardian system is.

Anonymous said...

Are there any honest, caring guardians? I think most take advantage of the system. After all, how tempting it would be with no accountability! The same goes for the guardian's attorney. These are both professional thieves.