Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Al Katz, The Story of a Holocaust Survivor

This is the first in a series of investigative columns that will tell the story of Al Katz, a Holocaust survivor.

Why should you be interested?

If you or a loved one is a senior citizen, living in Florida either full time or part time, this story applies to you.

Al Katz had his liberty and property taken from him by National Socialist Germany in 1940. They tried to take his life, but he survived. Fast forward seventy years to 2010, and Al Katz had his liberty and property taken from him a second time. This time, however, the state in which this all happened is Florida.

During the Holocaust, Al helped to save innumerable lives by secretly distributing scraps of food to starving slaves along the train route he drove. After the Holocaust, Al delivered his memories to thousands of students in Manatee County and other southwest Florida schools. He was a true Holocaust hero to those he saved and the generations after them.

This story is a written in his memory and is a warning to all those who live in Florida and beyond.

Full Article and Source:
Al Katz, The Story of a Holocaust Survivor


Thelma said...

We've heard that Florida is one of the worst counties for court-ordered theft.

StandUp said...

Shocking and horrifying.

Dean said...

Very sad for Mr. Katz and his family. He certainly was a survivor and I hope his family survives this.

jerri said...

criminal criminal makes my blood boil another horrific account of person being churned into a product to feed the greedy uncaring probate machine i am amazed that so many senators and congressmen and the general accounting office are fully aware the system is being used to steal its a failure so what are they doing about it? see here the answer is: nothing thank you nasga for giving us the real news

Linda said...

I will pray for you, Katz family. May God bless you.

Brian said...

The word is going to get out that Florida is a dangerous place for seniors. How will that affect the tourist season?