Thursday, January 20, 2011

Press Release: IQ Nursing Homes

IQ Nursing has outlined the resident rights provided to nursing home residents under elder abuse law. Federal and state nursing home laws require that elder care facilities provide high quality and individualized care to each nursing home resident. Furthermore, these regulations protect nursing home residents who complain about substandard care from retaliation. When a nursing facility or employee violates the rights of a nursing home resident, they have the option of filing a complaint against the nursing home and/or taking legal action in cases of serious elder abuse. If you have made the difficult decision of placing a loved one in a nursing home facility, it's important that you learn the rights provided to nursing home residents. Visit for an overview of nursing home resident rights.

Federal law provides nursing home residents with a set of rights, known collectively as the resident's bill of rights. Examples of nursing home resident rights include the following: the right to access medical records; the right to refuse treatment; the right to complain without retaliation; the right to be free from unnecessary physical or chemical restraints; the right to privacy; and the right to be free from nursing home abuse or neglect. In addition, because many cases of nursing home abuse and neglect result from staffing shortages, nursing home facilities are also required by law to uphold certain staffing standards to ensure the highest levels of well-being for their residents.

Although elderly residents are awarded certain nursing home rights, some facilities, either unknowingly or intentionally, may violate these basic rights. If you suspect your loved one is being abused in a nursing home or otherwise deprived of their nursing home resident rights, you can receive a free online case review by visiting IQ Nursing This case review is being offered at no cost and can help determine whether you can take legal action on behalf of your loved one.

About IQ Nursing Homes:

IQ Nursing Homes has partnered with nursing home lawyers and nursing home negligence law firms throughout the country with the goal of putting a stop to the victimization of the elderly. By holding negligent staff members accountable for their actions and making it financially devastating for nursing homes to allow neglect to occur, this destructive pattern of nursing home neglect can be put to an end. Visit to receive a free, no obligation nursing home abuse case evaluation.

Nursing Home Resident Rights Outlined by IQ Nursing


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