Thursday, February 10, 2011

CBS: Guardian Firm Closes Business in Arizona

When Marie Long's sisters sat down for an exclusive interview with Sharyl Attkisson for our investigation on guardianship abuse in December, they were clearly frustrated.

They told Attkisson that a court-appointed guardian known as Sun Valley Group had presided over Marie's affairs for four years. In those four years, Marie's life-savings had been wiped out. A lot oher money went to lawyers. At least $400,000 went to Sun Valley Group - which was supposed to protect her money, not spend it away.

Now, following our story and a wave of controversy surrounding Marie Long's story and others like it, Sun Valley has announced in court that it will cease doing business as a fiduciary in Arizona at the end of this month.

Peter Frenette, the owner of Sun Valley declined to speak with us on camera last December.

The company has been embroiled in a spate of lawsuits involving other clients, and it has been waiting for its license as a fiduciary to be renewed for nearly a year.
The company's decision to close up its operations comes too late for Marie Long, however.

Her money is gone and she is now penniless, a ward of the state. Taxpayers pay for her ongoing care in a nursing home.

Source and Video:
Guardian Firm Closes Business in Arizona

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StandUp said...


Angie said...

I love to see this story displayed from so many different sources. This is great news for AZ and for the cause!

Karen said...

My compliments to CBS as well. Sharyl Attkisson did a fantastic job with the first story and I bet it was the extra heat that took SVG out!

NASGA member said...

I join in on extending my gratitude to CBS and hope they'll be watching guardianship abuse along with us.

jerri said...

guardianship is the biggest threat to our society ~ courtroom terrorists have their eyes on your money their game plan is to take all you have then add you to the medicaid system funded by we the chump taxpayers while the probate machine profits enriching themselves putting states at risk for bankruptcy what will it take for those who have the power to step up and release the truth? thanks to cbs nasga and to marie long and her family for their courage to take this matter on

Frankie G. said...

I hope Marie Long herself is enjoying Sun Valley's closing.

I have no doubt the other victims of Sun Valley Group will be carefully monitoring Peter and Heather Frenette.

Barbara said...

Let it ring througout the land, Sun Valley Group is gone and if the next one is like them, they'll be gone too.