Wednesday, April 6, 2011

'Strange New Twist'

Here's a bizarre new twist in Michael R. Mastro's long-running bankruptcy case, Washington's largest ever:

The guardian appointed last month to look out for the interests of the now-incapacitated former real-estate magnate in court says she can't use the lawyer who has represented Mastro since the proceedings began nearly two years ago — because they represent different things.

Guardian Faith Ireland said in a court filing this week that, while she is charged with representing Mastro's best interests, attorney Thomas Bucknell is obligated to follow Mastro's past instructions.

Even if they aren't in his best interests.

So Ireland, a former state Supreme Court justice, has retained her own lawyer. What's more, she wants his fees, and hers, paid out of funds administered by Mastro's chief adversary, court-appointed trustee James Rigby.

If that doesn't happen, Ireland wrote, she'll have to quit.

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Mastro Bankruptcy Case has Strange New Twist

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StandUp said...

Looks like Faith Ireland is looking to cash in on Mastro. We shouldn't be surprised.

Anonymous said...

Let her quit - Mastro would be better off with someone else.

Mike said...

I say let her quit.

jerri said...

bye bye just looking at her photo gives me the creeps