Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jeffrey Schend Planned to Move to Arizona

Jeffrey Schend, a former guardian accused of stealing from elderly and disabled clients, was just a month away from moving to Arizona when police moved in for the arrest in May.

Months of investigation into Schend's practices put an end to his 6-year-old business and landed him in jail. And questions continued to mount as he and family members waited for their Appleton residence to sell.

Schend became a corporate guardian in 2004 and was entrusted to make decisions for people courts found unable to handle their own finances.

Schend was investigated from two sides. The state Department of Health Services started hearing complaints in October that Schend didn't pay for rent, groceries and other bills on behalf some of his clients. They stripped him of his authority to practice in April. Outagamie County received its own complaints in fall.

In Appleton, a county-appointed investigator working independently of the state pored over financial records in April and determined about $500,000 was missing from some of those he was appointed to protect.

Full Article and Source:
Investigator: Ex-Guardian Jeffrey Schend Was Trying to Leave State

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Connie said...

I for one am thrilled to know this....he was so close to getting away with it. But, no cigar for you, Schend.

jerri said...

oh my gosh talk about no time to lose here although i am not surprised to learn this news if the defendant is out on bail he will be a runner crossing the ocean for sure but he would go where we couldn't find him and if we tried the expense and manpower would be astronomical thanks to the newspaper and the reporter for putting high priority on this case for publication no mercy

Anonymous said...

gotcha Schend!