Thursday, September 29, 2011

How to File a Complaint Against Judges and Attorneys (preface)

This series (How to File a Complaint….) is meant for every jurisdiction in the USA. As far as getting something done to effect change, I believe this series is of utmost importance. I’m asking that you repost and let’s make this viral. I’m sure similar avenues of legal accountability exist in other countries (for those around the world who follow this blog).

This series is an attempt to educate laypersons on how to file a complaint against naughty lawyers and unethical judges who have kept us in the dark to this recourse. I consider myself someone who keeps himself relatively informed and educated by reading the newspaper and watching the news(and a college graduate), but I had no idea there was a governing body that should be protecting me from the illegal actions of Kennedy. I had never heard of the Court of the Judiciary (governing body over judges) or the Judicial Code of Ethics (rules judges MUST conduct themselves by). I had never heard of The Board of Professional Responsibility (governing body over attorneys) and the rules they are governed by, until I ran into a childhood friend who is a judicial investigator from my home state. I returned to him a week later with a working knowledge from the Judicial Code. I went to the website I will provide in this series and downloaded the various complaint forms, then went to work. My complaints stuck. Considering that, today, in the Tennessean newspaper, an article appeared that represented over 90% of judicial complaints are dismissed, I bat .1000 in my efforts. I don’t claim credit for being masterful in my first complaint, but it was with ease that I caught their attention by clear and convincing evidence (actually, “strongly represented allegations”). I assisted Ginger Franklin in authoring her complaint against the same judge (Kennedy) and it stuck. Two pitches, two hits. Kennedy is generously errant, so he’s an easy target. Unfortunately, the TN Court of the Judiciary is comprised of former TN judges, so we have found ourselves dealing with a impotent body of judges judging judges. (in truth, they have proven to be an organization that protects judges). They have yet to discipline Kennedy in either complaint. We are confident Senator Mae Beavers, chairperson for the TN Senate Judiciary Committee, and the hearings she held this week addressing drastic reform in the TN Court of the Judiciary, will finally bring our much needed REAL protection from errant judges.

Educate yourself to the rules governing lawyers and judges and you become a force to be reckoned with. We must take the power back in a corrupt legal system where “we the people” have become a lost interest.

Full Article and Source:
ImpeachRandyKennedy: How to File a Complaint Against Judges and Attorneys (preface)


StandUp said...

Thank you for this post and for educating people how filing complaints.

The legal system is self-policing. So, we all know that means it's up to us!

Connie said...

This is exactly what victims of bad judges and/or lawyers should do!

Sue said...

This is a great example of legal processes for we the people to be heard, to cleanse the courts one complaint at a time.

And please remember: Always always always submit complaints certified mail with tracking and PROOF OF RECEIPTT.

Great job Danny. We hear you.

Thelma said...

It isn't enough to debench these bad judges; some belong in jail!

Mark said...

I bet Danny Tate filed a real whopper against Judge Randy Kennedy!

Barbara said...

This is so right. We have to speak up and use the judicial discipline process and do it right.

I look forward to this series.

Thank you Danny Tate. Thank you NASGA.

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of times people get worn out in their litigation and so don't get around to filing complaints on judges and lawyers.

I appreciate your comments,Danny. You're right. We have an obligation to file so the bad guys will eventually get cleaned out.

Luis said...

"Naughty" lawyers and "unethical"

You're too kind, Danny!

I think it's "unethical" lawyers and "corrupt" judges!