Saturday, November 26, 2011

How to File a Complaint Against a Judge and an Attorney (Chapter 1-Part 3; Judges and the Court of the Judiciary)

This series is an attempt to make the public aware of recourse we have versus judges and attorneys who have “broken the rules” governing their licensed professions as public servants and officers of the court.

Most civilians aren’t even aware there is recourse, much less a governing body overseeing judges (Court of the Judiciary) to make sure they play by the rules (Judicial Code of Ethics; Judicial Code).

Considering that most civilians aren’t aware (because the legal system has kept this information in check) of their right to file a complaint with these disciplinary committees, this lack of information reveals an intentional effort by our trusted servants to cover up the errant practice of their industry resulting in the utterly compromised condition of our legal system. In other words, the legal system won’t be forthcoming with your rights to complain, for most are guilty of breaking the rules themselves. But when the rules are broken at the judicial level, even in the higher courts (and I witnessed it just last week in the TN Court of Appeals), it discredits and breaches trust in our entire government structure and furthers the chasm between public servants and the citizen-ship.

“Let the system work?” It cannot work when it is broken; and our legal system is broken, make no mistake, but not beyond repair. But If it is going to be repaired, it will require a massive effort on the part of civilians. We cannot count on the legislature, or its legislators, because it’s primarily made up of former practicing attorneys who have contributed, wittingly or unwittingly, to its broken condition. This series on filing complaints is of paramount importance, for it brings the legal system into accountability and restores the power to “we, the people”; and that’s what our forefathers intended-checks and balances.

“We, the people” have a moral imperative to spread the word and make all citizens aware of the power we do have in the legal process, separate from judges and attorneys, and the governing thereof; which could, should and would result in the much-needed moral revolution within our legal system.

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How to File a Complaint Against a Judge and an Attorney (Chapter 1-Part 3; Judges and the Court of the Judiciary)

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StandUp said...

Good series - thank you for continuing to publish it so we'll have easy reference when we go to file complaints.