Friday, January 20, 2012

Court Ordered Hell.....Continues

It's been two years since The Tennesean published, "Court-Ordered Hell — How an errant judge and a controlling sibling stripped nashville rocker danny tate of his money, his livelihood and his legal rights" in an ex-parte "emergency" hearing (when there was no emergency), resulting in a "temporary" conservatorship with no end in sight.

The conservatorship was terminated in May of 2010, but in an unexpicable turn of events, Judge Randy Kennedy's final order left the conservator in control of Tate's estate (Kennedy denied the conservator's motion to withdraw).

How can this be?

These videos of the unlawful ex-parte "emergency" hearing of October 23, 2007 tell the story:

The only people that had any knowledge of this hearing were Judge Kennedy, campaign contributors Paul Housch, Robert Stratton and David Tate. The entire hearing lasted 19 minutes. That's all it took to strip Danny Tate of all constitutional rights. Nothing but fraudulent hearsay allegations were presented to the court without any supporting documentation.

Part 2 of the Ex Parte hearing in which Judge Randy Kennedy stripped Danny Tate of all Constitutional rights including "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness", without Tate being served notice of this hearing, without Tate being present, all based on fraudulent allegations made by David Tate through his attorney Paul Housch.

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Court-Ordered Hell — how an errant judge and a controlling sibling stripped Nashville rocker Danny Tate of his money, his livelihood and his legal rights

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Thelma said...

This is an unusual case due to the fact that the victim is not a vulnerable elderly. However, knowing that there was gross violation of constitutional due process and of a specific TN statutory requirement for notice prior to any hearing on the part of Kennedy at the very inception, I think that anyone dragged into that court can be considered vulnerable, if there's money to be made.
And what's the quid pro quo for the judge?

Kyle said...

One has to wonder what is in it for the judge?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Who in Tennessee will step up and take action against those who used and misused the court for their own agenda, their profit.

Who gained?

Who lost?

What's in it for Judge Kennedy?

Conservatorship is a deep dark bottomless hole and this case proves more than 1,500 days of a temporary conservatorship leaving the 'conserved' protected one in financial ruins.

Think this can't happen to you?

Yes, yes, yes it can to you and your loved ones unless this racket is busted wide open until then it's a mugging under color of law.

Barbara said...

Court ordered hell is a good name for guardianship abuse. Danny Tate continues to be beat up by the broken system.

The fraud that perpertrated the original conservatorship is apparent. Why don't the authorities arrest the criminals involved in this case?

Jane said...

My opinion about this case...
THANK GOSH, for video camera's !
The video clearly reveals the TRUTH, the "injustice," what the judge and big brother "Unlawfully" did to Danny Tate.

You don't have to be a judge, an attorney, or even a movie director to clearly see Judge Randy Kennedy knows he's on camera and is "Over-Acting" his good ole boy, phony humble act of how people with the most talent seem to have a lot of problems...
WHAT ? Judge Randy Kennedy hasn't ever ruled on wife beaters, child abusers and worse ?

Excuse my french, but what a load of "Do Do," this hearing was Only about unlawfully ripping off Danny Tate's Money, Financial Assets And, his Life. Once again, Greed and Envy have surfaced in a court of law.

And, OMGOSH...did you see on the video how Judge Randy Kennedy, kept smiling as he signed off on all those documents, giving big brother and the Court total control of Danny Tates MONEY and his LIFE while Judge Randy kept asking, "now what is it that Mr. Tate does for a living," while he knew full well Danny Tate is a successful talent with MONEY and ASSETS, which by now are at a zero balance because the money has been unlawfully dispersed into shady accounts.

Judge Randy Kennedy and big brother made sure Danny Tate's AMENDMENT RIGHTS were Not acknowledged in a Court of Law.

The video clearly shows the Judge and big brother Discriminated against Danny Tate by making sure Danny was "Excluded" from the court hearing.

Without a doubt Danny Tate received no notice of the court hearing...gosh, wonder if someone like big brother intercepted his mail..hmmm..sounds like someone I know very well...

You can take this to the Bank if Danny Tate would have known about the hearing, Danny Tate and his attorney would have been there, DEFENDING Danny Tate's Rights!

StandUp said...

Danny Tate, I am praying for your success. I follow your blog and I am so hopeful that your case will bring the spotlight onto guardianship abuse in general. Stay strong!

Finny said...

The Tate case is a poster case showing how a conservatorship feeds the lawyers at the expense of the ward.

Randy Kennedy should be debenched and disbarred.

jerri said...

this is a bunch of bs court approved theft i agree with anon who profited? well it wasnt danny tate or his children how he managed to stay strong to survive this is a miracle stay strong danny truth vs lies lies lies we
are here we believe in you

Tanya B. said...

Tate, you have my admiration. You have stood there and taken whatever they've thrown and you have given it back to them. You're a strong man. You will get through this.

Wondering said...

What a happy, happy time the lawyers and judge Kennedy had at the ex-parte hearing! If you read the story but didn't watch the video, I suggest you go back and watch the video. Was it a hearing or was it a get-together of old friends at Danny Tate's expense?

Jason said...

I watched the videos and they made me sick, especially the arrogant and egotistical judge.

And the attorney Huche. He looks like a low life sleaze bag. How could any judge think a word out of that man's mouth has an ounce of truth in it?

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of vultures. I hope it all comes back to them when they become vulnerable. They deserve it.

reform advocate said...

This case makes me want to climb up in a tree and shout. How can Kennedy get by with this cra_?

I can't believe this doofus is still on the bench.

I am sorry, Danny, that your nightmare is still going on. I am like everyone else and I thought it was terminated. I will go and read your blog now and get caught up.

Hannah said...

Hang in there Danny. You are exposing them for what they are and someone is bound to listen and take action. Just keep telling the truth and not backing down.

Sue said...

The so called hearing is scripted what a set up and the judge makes remarks about Catholics due to the number of the Tate children.

Superior attitudes without any proof and I noticed no one was 'sworn in' under oath!!!!

How can this be considered a hearing when it's a free for all?

Stay the course Danny, you've come this far, that means you will go all the way.

And to those who engaged in this outrageous case, I wish you get what you dished out 100 times over.


PS keep in mind folks this is business as usual in Judge Kennedy's courtroom so the bigger question is:

How many other innocent people were wrongfully stripped of their rights and all of their property and no one was under oath?

Luis said...

That was no hearing; it was an ambush!

I understand the law required prior notice and there was none.

What now?

Linda said...

Is there a good lawyer on this case? That's what's needed. A lawyer with both guts and conviction.

Praying for you, Danny.