Sunday, January 15, 2012

Robert Warton, CEO of Community and Economic Development Association of Cook County, IL (CEDA) Defaults

The leader of one of the state's largest nonprofits promised in court last year to repay tens of thousands of dollars to his dementia-afflicted former secretary after the Cook County public guardian alleged he exploited her financially.

But records show that Robert Wharton, chief executive officer of the Community and Economic Development Association of Cook County, subsequently defaulted on that settlement agreement, writing checks that bounced due to insufficient funds.

Cook County Public Guardian Robert Harris has now asked Circuit Judge Ann Collins-Dole to hold Wharton in criminal contempt, incarcerate him for up to six months and force him to reimburse his one-time employee, Dorothy Hork.

Full Article and Source:
Public Guardian: CEDA Chief Defaults on Repaying His Former Secretary


Norma said...

Shame on you, Robert Warton!

Anonymous said...

Yes, he should be run out of town!

Rachel said...

Imagine the money this man makes and he couldn't pay back the woman he owed it to?

His very own mother would be so ashamed of him.

Kent said...

How can he look himself in the mirror.

Stand up and resign, Warton!