Tuesday, February 28, 2012

AZ: Who Will Protect Ailing Lady Who Gave Her House Away?

[H]ow did a frail old lady named Pauline come to be giving away her house to a stranger? And not only a stranger but the person who owns the state-licensed assisted living facility that was supposed to be taking care of her?

“That’s not how the system is supposed to work,” attorney Tom Asimou said. “People don’t go to the hospital, get discharged to an assisted living facility with 40 complaints and then 40 days later more than half their net worth is taken from them.”

Asimou sounded the alarm last week and to its credit, Maricopa County’s probate court sprung into action to try to protect Pauline, who has been diagnosed with dementia. Whether there is anything the court can do is an open question.

The bigger one is how a place like Golden Creek Assisted Living Home — with 40 citations in two years and a lawsuit alleging the 2010 wrongful death of one of its residents — is still operating, still getting patients from one of the state’s most prestigious hospitals.

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Who Will Protect Ailing Lady Who Gave Her House Away?


Anonymous said...

Not the state government, which should be responsible for protecting its citizens.

Jessica said...

It's good to see them do something right.

STandUp said...

Sadly, Asimou is wrong - this is exactly how it works.