Friday, March 2, 2012

Frivolous Charges: The Secret Life of the Gary Harvey Case

Attorneys are paid to find excuses why cases are not worthy of consideration, so motions to dismiss are not uncommon or unexpected. However, in the case of Gary Harvey, it can become quite amusing to find attorneys claiming there is no basis for accusation presented in behalf of the ward of the court by his wife Sara.

Where do these people get off thinking that Sara is a non-issue and her concerns frivolous as she strives to look out for his best interest, while it appears the others have let him down? More importantly, where do they get off thinking the court, especially “all” courts, should agree with them?

My understanding is that there is a standing court order that Sara is to be kept abreast of all medical decisions related to her husband, and yet she hasn’t been; not readily so. I guess court orders are only considered relevant when the finding is considered so by the other side–the side that has ganged up against her and therefore ganged up against Gary.

In all the years that I have been aware of and following the Harvey case, I’ve tried to figure out how “the other side,” court & pals have justified so many things that have occurred. I’ve failed.

I ask myself what possible good can come from Gary Harvey’s isolation. How does it benefit him? What am I missing? I haven’t a clue.

How was Gary Harvey considered safe behind a closed door, when he cannot call for help if in distress? Common sense would suggest otherwise, no matter how the other side might protest.

It’s too traumatic for Gary to travel to be evaluated by experts, but okay to keep making those surgery & infection runs? I’m to believe this? Would any be surprised to learn that I don’t?

What is the secret life behind the Gary Harvey case?

What goes on behind the closed doors and what makes it so important to punish Sara & Gary Harvey?

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Frivolous Charges: The Secret Life of the Gary Harvey Case


Norma said...

Nobody says it better than Carrie Hutchens!

Tiffany said...

This case makes a statement about society as well. Is Gary Harvey treated as a third class citizen because he can't speak up for himself? Apparently so.

Barbara said...

The guardian is sure hiding something or they wouldn't be working so hard to hold on to Gary Harvey when it's obvious he could be taken care of at home.

Could it be neglect?

Sue said...

I agree Carrie is a professional, a true advocate for Sara and Gary an advocate for what is right and this case is all wrong. What are they hiding? Full disclosure is mandatory, nothing less will satisfy the search for truth.

Anonymous said...

Husband and Wife til death do they part. Where in the marriage vows does it say until a conservator comes in and ends the marriage?

Where is the Church on this matter?
I would think they would support Gary's wife, why the silence? and inactions? Shame shame shame

Connie said...

Sure it's neglect, Barbara. All the infections....all the surgeries....spell neglect.

StandUp said...

I have searched and searched for an answer here besides the fact that the guardians have no feelings or empathy for Gary Harvey and no remorse for what they're doing to him, and yet that's the only answer I can come up with.

Human beings with hearts and souls don't act this way to a helpless person.

Anonymous said...

Gary Harvey's wife is an inspiration.

Karen said...

This case is a perfect example of the uselessness of a GaL. Is Gary Harvey's GaL vigorously fighting for Gary Harvey and what's best for him? No, he's in bed with the guardian and sleeping soundly.

Sara said...

The heat is on......can not disvuldge the plans and what new suprises has surfaced this past week...but it is exciting news for Gary!

Betty said...

We are glad to hear that Sara! Gary's been cast aside like he was a bag of potatoes instead of a human being for far too long.

Sylvia said...

Praying for you Sara, you are Gary's strength and will to live.

Diane said...

When I hear stories about how cruel human beings can be to one another, they don't shock me any more. Not since this case.

If Gary Harvey could speak, he'd tell them all to go to He*%, but he can't. And they know it. And they take advantage and torture a helpless man. It's so outrageous and sad.

I assume none of these people go to church or if they do, they're going for the exercise of going because they're sure disobeying God's laws when they deny Gary his wife and won't let him go home.

Chris said...

Carrie is Gary's "Guardian Angel"