Thursday, May 3, 2012

Martin Sheen Wins 2012 Spirit of Life Award

A pro-life organization is honoring veteran actor Martin Sheen for his outspoken opposition to assisted suicide and abortion. Sheen will receive the 2012 Spirit of Life Award at the second annual Life Fest Film Festival in Los Angeles, scheduled for May 5-6.

Festival spokesman Derrick Jones tells OneNewsNow Sheen has made some solid pro-life statements in the past. And in 2008, he even served as a spokesman for Washington state's Coalition Against Assisted Suicide.

Full Article and Source:
Terri Schiavo Hope and Life Network: Actor, Martin Sheen Wins 2012 Spirit of Life Award


Thelma said...

The right award to a good guy.

StandUp said...

Yes, indeed.

Anonymous said...

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