Monday, June 18, 2012

After Fisticuffs, Attorney in Contentious CT Probate Resigns

The Newington Probate Court accepted the resignation of Town Attorney Peter Boorman as conservator in a bitter probate case.

Boorman's resignation followed a fight between him and his client's grandson.

Probate Judge Robert Randich made his decision after 90 minutes of testimony that included a blow-by-blow account of the May 22 fisticuffs between Boorman and Joseph Geremia.

Randich ruled that Boorman was not at fault for the melee, but agreed to accept his resignation.

"I think Mr. Boorman had been doing it and doing it well," Randich said of his work on the difficult case. "I think the well has been poisoned from which the good will needs to come."

Randich appointed Boorman conservator at the time Boorman was vice chairman of the Newington Democratic Town Committee and Randich a member. Boorman left the town committee earlier this year, he said.

On May 22, Wallingford police arrested Boorman, 58, of Newington, and Joseph Geremia, 39, of Rocky Hill after a fight at the home of Geremia's parents, Douglas and Linda. Boorman went to the house after Randich issued an oral order to collect almost $9,000 in cash and deposit it in the trust account of 96-year-old Margaret Geremia, for whom Boorman serves as conservator.

The fight happened about an hour after a contentious hearing during which Boorman sought authority to request a criminal investigation of $15,000 in expenditures he says that Douglas and Linda Geremia have failed to explain.

Boorman and Geremia were each charged with second-degree breach of peace. State prosecutors decided last week not to prosecute the charges.

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Newington Town Attorney's Resignation Accepted In Contentious Probate Case

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Thelma said...

No comment!

Anonymous said...

I often wonder why more guardians aren't beat up physically by angry families.

StandUp said...

I have had that same thought, Anonymous. Years ago, these things would have been worked out with fists and maybe things were better then.....