Wednesday, August 15, 2012

N. Ind. judge accused of making improper comment

A northern Indiana judge says he'll defend himself against a charge that he violated the code of judicial conduct by making an improper comment to someone applying to be a guardian.

St. Joseph County Probate Judge Peter Nemeth (NEH'-mihth) said Tuesday he's confident he acted appropriately.

The Judicial Qualifications Commission filed a misconduct charge against Nemeth, saying he acted inappropriately during a 2011 hearing. The commission says he said then it would be improper for a woman to ask taxpayers to pay for a sign language interpreter when she "hadn't paid taxes for several years."

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N. Ind. judge accused of making improper comment


Thelma said...

No comment!

Carl said...

Not just improper but cruel.

drew said...

This guy is a bully who has been a pain for years in that court. He is retiring and not running for re-election and so this discipline will be the perfect exit ceremony for his departure.