Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Judicial Accountability Law Takes Effect in Tennessee

A recently passed law to abolish Tennessee’s judicial discipline commission and replace it with a new ethics body, and to reform the way that judges are held accountable, has taken effect.

The law creates a new Board of Judicial Conduct, replacing the Court of the Judiciary. The plan also seeks to increase legislative oversight of the judicial branch.

“The new law aims to provide transparency and fairness to both complainants and judges,” said state Sen. Mike Faulk, a Republican, according to a Chattanoogan article. “It also gives the Board a mechanism to use the new Rules of Judicial Conduct, which are nationally recognized as a model for other states, adopted by the Tennessee Supreme Court.”

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New Judicial Accountability Law Takes Effect in Tennessee


Anonymous said...

I hope this new board takes hold. The TN Court of the Judciary has been ineffective.

StandUp said...

Is the new judicial accountability board going to take a special look at conservatorship abuse and Judge Randy Kennedy's participation in said abuse?