Sunday, October 7, 2012

Va. board alleges improper care at adult-care homes

A state board has suspended the licenses of the owner of six adult-care homes in Hampton Roads and two of his administrators, declaring that there was "substantial danger to the public health and safety" in two of the homes.

Among the issues: At Madison Retirement Center in Williamsburg in May, a diabetic resident with high glucose readings fell, declined to be taken to the hospital, and died the next day, the board said in a hearing notice. Ashwood Assisted Living in Hampton lacked sufficient food and medicine and did not have enough staff working on multiple occasions, the notice alleged.

The Board of Long-Term Care Administrators suspended the licenses of Scott Schuett, who owns both homes as well as two in Chesapeake, one in Suffolk and another on the Peninsula, according to the state's Department of Social Services, which oversees facilities. The board did not cite any issues at the other homes. Schuett holds licenses for administrator and preceptor, according to the Department of Health Professions.

The board also suspended the licenses of Madison administrator Donna Norvell and Rena Gaddy, the Ashwood administrator, when it met by phone Sept. 13.

The license suspensions went into effect the next day, according to the state's Department of Health Professions.

The three may not practice as assisted-living administrators for the time being. The license suspensions are temporary until the board meets Oct. 30 and 31 to hear evidence and make a final decision.

Schuett did not return numerous calls seeking comment. When reached at their respective facilities Monday, Norvell and Gaddy said they did not want to comment.

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Va. board alleges improper care at adult-care homes


Thelma said...

This is an obligation of government to not only care for their needy, but to protect them from harm.

Finny said...

You're right, Thelma, but if there's profit in it, the mission becomes tainted.

StandUp said...

This is a national problem and despite years of reform efforts, facilities continue to be substandard. I don't know what it's going to take to clean it up.

Anonymous said...

What's it going to take to clean it up? Fire the licensing inspectors and VDSS supervisors who aren't doing their jobs! Investigate the numerous Virginia agencies charged with "protecting" human rights, like VOPA, that instead sweep complaints under the rug and refuse even to speak to those who disagree with the preordained conclusion. What are these people paid to do, exactly?

NASGA said...

The following comment came to NASGA in an email and we asked the author for permission to post -- and she gave it. It will be posted in two parts due to the length.

To Who it may Concern,

I have seen the article you have taken from the paper about myself and my facility Ashwood Assisted Living there are a few thing you need to be updated on. Scott Schuett took this business over in 2009 and when we entered the building there was no hot water, food, air coordinating or heat in there rooms. The roaches would have carried you out themselves. There was a resident who the owner before us stole over 179k from and he had no family his wife and children where killed in an car accident before he entered what was Resthaven Manor before we took over. Nothing was ever done to the owner who stole the residents money and today has another Assisted Living Home in Virginia Beach area. He was in the military and received a check every month and the owners took over his home and sold it and then put all of his things in a storage unit and didn't pay for it so we had it delivered to Ashwood so he wouldn't lose all he had. We also saved enough money after the fact to make sure he had a burial that was just for him. I would like to add the following information that I am trying to get out there to help our residents and the real truth that Administrators deal with daily to get the word out and the truth. As I sit here with tears in my eyes due to what I keep reading that the Broad of Long Term Care sent me. I am trying to stay strong and focused! It is really hard to read and see what they said and I have had over a month to keep reading it and thinking to myself Is that really me? I know in my heart that isn't me. I looked up my name and seen where people have posted on face book and other areas about Scott and I and my heart breaks for what we have been through in the last year. We are unable to comment and I think it is time I say something our system in Virginia is broke to get help for our resident's with mental illness. I had a Community Service Broad with Crisis tell me our system is broke. So if it broke who is fighting to get it fixed to help? I am not perfect! I can admit to being wrong and take it and learn from it. I want to know who is going after the ones who are not supporting our mentally ill and getting paid by medicaid and medicare to be there for them? Why is it always towards the facility's that are helping the ones in need. What is the state of Virginia doing? Why is it that Virginia Department of Social Services does not have enough employees to do the job? I have been around most of the inspectors and they all have a different answer to what you are to be doing. How do Administrators learn from that? We have regulations that we are to follow and so are they? What is there yearly training? The Daily Press Virginia Polit and Channel 13 News is pointing the finger and not doing any research.....just ask some of my family members who I have worked with. I have been told by my residents that my crown is full of gold stars and my residents' at Ashwood call me mom. There are alot of things that need to come out from all of this. From the APS supervisor telling me I needed to learn how to dump people that I am unable to meet there needs. My response is how do you sleep? I am tried of all the lies and these people getting a check from the tax payers to do nothing and state what they state. The same APS worker stated Scott is the "man with all the money" Well lets be honest we get 1,1,60.00 to take care of resident with a grant that the state pays the difference from these residents' SSI and SSA and leaves them with 71.00 to 81.00 and sometimes they don't get that due to family members taking there money. This is what they have to use to pay there bills and buy things they may need.......pretty sad.

NASGA said...


My next stop is the Daily Press and anyone who will listen to get our residents help as they may need it. Please pray for our residents and staff as we go through these times and help me stand up for what is right and get people that really care in all departments of the areas that they say are broke. They say that due to residents with certain dx..i.e dementia, brain injury they will not help them. WHY? Please help me get this out to all areas and press to get answers. We as tax payers, care givers, Administrators need to come together as one to fight this fight.
Rena Thomas/Gaddy
Resident Care Coordinator for Ashwood Assisted Living
40 Hunt Club Blvd.
Hampton VA, 23666
757-236-0203 (c)
757-827-0000 (O)
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ProPlusCare Management Company

Anonymous said...

The only sympathy I have is for the residents you and your husband, Mr. Schuett, have neglected in order to make a buck. Considering your license has been revoked and your poor use of grammar, maybe you should consider higher education in pursuit of a new career where you do not take advantage of those in need of care.