Tuesday, January 1, 2013

As we reflect on the year 2012, we celebrate many accomplishments: the ABC7 investigative reports; Bobby Schindler’s petition to become Gary Harvey’s guardian; many, many cases profiled in print media across the country; NASGA’s participation as an expert in an on-line chat about guardianship abuse conducted by a major newspaper; the growing success of Marti Oakley’s weekly talk show on guardianship abuse; all eyes continuing to focus on the Daniel Gross case which is still alive in the courts and which, if successful, will chip away at immunity and begin to hold bad guardians accountable; the growing strength and drive many of our members are using to get involved with legislation in their respective states; the overall increasing awareness across the country of guardianship and conservatorship abuse, and more.

We are proud of our successes; but we also remember the many important court battles lost this year and the suffering vulnerable elderly and disabled wards continue to endure because their family has been rendered helpless to protect them. And we pause with heavy hearts, honoring those precious lives so needlessly lost during 2012. We use our overwhelming sorrow to fuel our advocacy and drive us to do even more in 2013 to STOP guardianship and conservatorship abuse so future victims, and their families, won’t have to suffer the pain and agony of guardianship and conservatorship abuse.


jerri said...

progress in steps forward with growing interest in this urgent issue is worthy of congratulations for without the exposure and the opposition no one would have a clue whats waiting for them whats going on now

Thelma said...

It's a hard battle with a well-organized foe - those described as "persons of trust"(???)
Let's hope that 2013 will bring even greater success.

Sara Harvey said...

We all must unite and put selfish acts, motives, and personal agendas aside and behind and move on. This is the year we must all join forces and make NASAG strong to overcome the guradianship that the victims and their familes have to endure.

We must take out the arrogance and put compassion for each and every individual and not promote the thristy hungry so-called advocates that claim to care. to energize their ego's.

This is about life and some about both life and the empire they lost.

Some of us fight ove rmoney and think that is most important and some foight over life of their loved ones. Pick your priorities and stick to it. What means most?

To me personally you can not replace a life and for some they do not know love or care to know.