Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fiduciary Watch: Public Admonishment of Judge Charles R. Brehmer

The Commission on Judicial Performance has publicly admonished Judge Charles R. Brehmer of the Kern County Superior Court.

The commission determined that Judge Brehmer should be publicly admonished for misconduct relating to the judge’s 2008 campaign for judicial office. Judge Brehmer violated the Political Reform Act (Act) by receiving cash contributions in excess of $100, failing to disclose the true source of a $15,000 loan to the campaign, failing to disclose $9,000 in contributions on a pre-election campaign statement, failing to timely file three semi-annual campaign statements, and failing to deposit the $15,000 campaign loan from his campaign treasurer into the campaign committee’s bank account and instead depositing it into his personal bank account.

The judge admitted three of the violations in a stipulation with the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) wherein the judge also agreed to pay a $5,500 fine. The additional violations, not addressed in the FPPC stipulation, were found by the commission. The FPPC determined, and the commission concurs, that there was no evidence of any intent to conceal information from the public on the part of Judge Brehmer.

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Public Admonishment of Judge Charles R. Brehmer


StandUp said...

It's not often these culprits are caught doing this, so I'm celebrating this one!

Thelma said...

Who can you trust?