Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Judge to review conservator fees, halts future appointments

Davidson Probate Judge David Randy Kennedy has halted at least temporarily new appointments to the Public Guardian and says he will personally review past billings for possible abuses.

Kennedy announced the freeze of new appointments to Public Guardian Jeanan Mills Stuart in a letter sent Friday to Metro Council members.

“To the extent she has been compensated in amounts now deemed excessive, the ultimate responsibilities for approval of her fees rests with me… In other words the buck stops here,” Kennedy wrote in the three-page letter.

Kennedy’s action follows a Tennessean report that detailed how Stuart routinely charges her full legal fees of up to $225 an hour for non-legal services. She has billed some of her wards $400 to attend their funerals. And she billed another ward $986 to accompany her to a performance of Handel’s Messiah, and $1,282 for a shopping trip to Dillard’s, Walgreens and lunch.

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Judge to review conservator fees, halts future appointments

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Thelma said...

Isn't Kennedy the only probate judge in Nashville, and the very same guy who okayed all of Stuart's fees?

jerri said...

well now doesn't this show you the court is not putting any effort whatsoever into billing submitted just approve via judges rubber stamp this is an example of no oversite but now that there are eyes on kennedy he needs to act judicial a little late wouldn't you think? thanks to the reporter who is working tirelessly for the good of society and for the tennessean to publish thank you thank you and please keep digging and expose the truth we're all affected i hope its bye bye stuart you need to go the control you have over innocent lives is another part of the story eyes are on you judge randy kennedy and public guardian jeanan mills stuart - who is next?

StandUp said...

Kennedy admitted that he approved all her fees. What discipline will he receive?

Luis said...

It ain't just Stuart that's got to go!

Jessica said...

Feeling the heat Judge Kennedy? How does it feel?

Anonymous said...

Oh the heat is on Judge Kennedy well it's about time he was forced to listen due to the evidence and facts being published sure he took action before he was forced to respond - I wonder what his peers think of him? Oh I love it the power of the press to hold people in high places accountable finally. Love and hugs to the reporter and the Tennessean for making a difference in the best interest of society. Thank you!!!