Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nashville Attorney John E. Clemmons Charged With Theft in Conservatorship Case

A Nashville attorney, whose license to practice law was recently suspended, has been charged with theft of more than $60,000 from a client.

John E. Clemmons, 65, was charged last week with theft from a retired teacher.

While serving as the conservator of the Rutherford County resident, Clemmons paid himself more than $50,000 in fees without court approval.

Paul Housch, Clemmons’ attorney, said his client already had entered a not guilty plea to the criminal charge. He declined to respond to the charge, stating that it would be addressed in court. An initial hearing is scheduled for June 7.

The charges were initially spelled out in an April order from the state Supreme Court which indefinitely suspended Clemmons’ license to practice law, concluding that allowing him to continue posed “a threat of substantial harm to the public.”

Chancellor Robert E. Corlew III on March 5 removed Clemmons as Russell Church’s conservator. Rutherford County Clerk and Master John A.W. Bratcher then referred the matter to District Attorney General Robert Whitesell, whose office brought the charges to a grand jury.

The indictment was unsealed last week.

Clemmons also is facing charges in a civil case brought by the daughter of a woman for whom Clemmons served as a conservator for more than four years. The suit charges that Clemmons misappropriated about $450,000 from the estate of Nannie P. Malone, who died last year.

The suit on behalf of Malone’s daughter, Teresa A. Lyle, charges that Clemmons breached his fiduciary duty and failed to properly account for thousands of dollars in proceeds when Malone’s property was auctioned. The insurance company that provided a bond for Clemmons under his services in the conservatorship has filed a cross claim against Clemmons for the value of the $300,000 bond.

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Nashville Attorney Faces Theft Charges in Conservatorship Case

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Amy said...

I noticed John E. Clemons' attorney is none other than Paul Housh. Oh now that's fitting.

Mike said...

The house of cards known as Judge Kennedy's courtoom is crumbling!

Finny said...


Sylvia said...

Great News:

How many conservatorship and estate cases in the state of Tennessee with tracks to John E. Clemmons?

Every case he touched in every county including Davidson County, Judge Randy Kennedy's courtroom, must be investigated by the authorities.

Chris said...

I noticed Paul Housch was John Clemmons' attorney right away too.

And it's a good choice for Clemmons as Housh has to do his best to keep the spotlight off of him.

Anonymous said...

Yet another one bites the dust from Judge Kennedy's court.

When is Judge Kennedy going to be held accountable for his part?

Friend said...

Good for the FL Supreme Court! Good for the daughter who's filing a civil suit against the former fiduciary! Kudos to all who are guarding the guardians!

honeybear said...

I'm so happy for all of those who have suffered at Clemmons' hands and for those families who have complained and complained to deaf ears!

Anonymous said...

When is somebody going to do something about Virginia?

Lawyers and public guardianship programs do this all the time. State officials, lawyers, guardians ad litem "for" the elderly, and even the Virginia Association of Elder Law Attorneys cover up wrongdoing and protect the perpetrators.

It's just shameful.

Thelma said...

I hope Clemmons can get what he deserves - jail time and restitution!

B Inberg said...

Thank YOU Walter Roche Jr and the Tennessean for your eyes and ears on these bottom feeders. When will the feds come with a parade of trucks to remove all of the case files for audit and review? Long long long overdue while more innocent people are being set up for under the guise of protection what a sick twisted evil get rich quick plan that we see yet those who can DO ***** NOTHING!! We pay your salaries, benefits and pension - hey do you hear us now?? YOU WORK FOR US!