Friday, June 14, 2013

"Lovingly and Orderly"

With the imminent death of a mother tensions rapidly erupt in her household to dismantle and destroy her family as a consequence of evil.

During a time of obvious lamentation, a devoted son based on a divine covenant with his mother responded to uphold her honor after her sudden and tragic death.

Despite being confronted with one hindrance after another by the wicked acts of his dishonorable siblings, the son reveals a diabolical and criminal conspiracy in progress.

After being challenged and eventually dismissed by the Chicago Police Department, the son discovers that his mother was flagrantly violated upon her death by the suspects in connection with their criminal conduct through a onerous and intense investigation. The culmination of the illegal activity adversely impacting the deceased matriarch's estate occurs in the Circuit Court of Cook County, IL Probate Division. Would the probate court mandated by Illinois State Law to address the outstanding and pressing legal issues concerning the dearly departed in our society allow the criminal activity to be ignored in order to preserve the economic concerns of an influential financial institution?

Lovingly and Orderly: A Son's Lament is a real life account of the arduous task the son accepted upon his own free will inspired by God. The compelling drama is a true indication of the state of affairs in our free market, capitalistic society in the United States of America where guile and clout leaves room for doubt regarding justice in our nation.

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